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Another talking about Advise anyone if they're taking a road trips. Be careful on the roads yes won. The roads are shocked Onto the drivers their use them roads on these fellows are rootless. They don't care they don't see you someone that's not from there i've driven on a few different continents at this point. I didn't find the drivers in ireland to be bad. And when you're on the motorway going from dublin down the colonia or corker. Something like that. The roads are great. But then you get off the roadway and you're on a little narrow road and you're driving across a stone bridge that was not meant for cars and that stonewall is really close to your rear view mirror and things like that. You should know that car insurance is more expensive in ireland. Think there's a reason for it. It's more likely that you're gonna scrape off your mirror than it is. I think that you're going to get into a bad accident as long as you're paying attention and not just watching the scenery but i didn't mind driving in ireland but it is challenging as you get out to the west and he get out to some of those little tiny roads and of course if you're on the ring of kerry then you add the buses to it and that adds a little more just a little more stress. That's the worst thing during kerry like. It's beautiful don't get me wrong. It's just it's not the tourist. it's the bosses. You're going down these small roads and you're like hey amoah gonna get past the bulls on. This rallied underlying double decker bosses. Yeah it's a little more challenging. And i'll have to say i've driven the ring of kerry loved it. I probably more a fan of the dingle peninsula so you basically from where we were here wherein killarney we can go out to the west to go to the ring of kerry or we can go up a little to the north and out to the west to go to.

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