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Again here's your host angel right all right let's go to the other room where we keep it all right the cavernous I'm in the I'm in the bottom of fifty been played as yes all the way down in the basement and I was already in my stapler let's let's talk some shooters stuff today article the Sooners head to the final game of the regular season after experiencing both highs and lows this past week last Saturday you knocked off West Virginia on the road the mountaineers right number twenty at the time four shooters scored in double figures for the suitors including nineteen from Christian Doolittle that was two days after having surgery for his broken nose on Tuesday night Texas got revenge on the Sooners member you beat them in Austin for the first time in years but the the tech the Longhorns short horns spoiled I'll use a senior night Matt Coleman the third banked a three pointer in that with point four seconds left to beat though you at Lloyd noble center three service winners scored in double figures in Doolittle led the charge with twenty points you coach Lon Kruger on his senior star no but I think he's got so much ability is best best bald head I mean it's not even close as much as he's done you know freshman sophomore junior senior from Bethel standpoint is good they've got that much again to go to because he's got a great package of skills and you start to get more confident more explosive more you know more everything but still he got another level to go to center city to finish strong today there in fort worth against T. C. U. the **** toads as Mr Rayner would call them they haven't been spectacular but they did upset Baylor then the number two.

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