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Well, there's little Sam Hunt, right? There is one of his newest songs. That's not him singing right there. This is a him yet he comes in right here. He was actually a songwriter for a lot of years and wrote for All genres played Jason Derulo song. I don't know if you know him R B singer and then made it as a as his own singer. A couple years ago, and he's been on a huge tear, and by the way, he had a tryout with the Chiefs. Sam Han had a tryout with Hay said that after graduating, he had a tryout with the Chiefs, and he tried to make it. But then he decided that music was his things. He wasn't gonna make it as a football player from the 303912. Are you making Dave 90 shirts? Yes, We are way mentioned that on our morning show in the box. The 90 shirt thing that we would if requested. We could do and Dave Logan night shows What? Sell out and a minute. Can't tell you how much I appreciate that. Stephen Liquid on K Away News Radio. Dave Ragan. Kathy Morning, Steve A. Dave. Kathy, everybody, How's it going? Good, good. Hey, I was the van teacher at our batter West High school when Dave was the football coach. Wow. Our marching band was halfway through our halftime field show when the Daves football team came out and he held the team. And waited for us to finish our field show. And myself, and my kids never forgot that. Wow. Thanks. Thank you, Steve. Thank you. As you could imagine. That was just a few years ago. This is a huge message that you you understood what? How hard the kids work to do music and that we're on this thing together, So I want to say thank you. Well, Steve, listen. I appreciate the call. That was the right thing to do, Obviously. Yeah. You know what, and I've got an affinity for Um Well, I guess I have an affinity not only for music, but for kids in band, right? I mean, those kids. They work at it, man. I mean, they they go to practice. They do everything. You know, with with the same intention, getting better and working in a group and working as a team, and so Yeah, that I had forgotten that to tell you the truth, But thanks. Thanks for Reminding me that's very cool because you have an appreciation for what they do because you were there. You've done it. Yeah, Absolutely. Reese is going to be next from Denver on Kaylie news radio. Iris. Take us to take my call. So I wanted Teo talk on the World Series really quick. I I I'm a rocky stand my whole life I first game I ever went to was at my high stadium when I was two years old, and I've been with them ever since. But More so than Rocky's. I'm a huge fan of baseball, and I've gotten some pushback some friends last night and a little bit into this morning with my opinion on Clayton Kershaw and When I see the Dodgers win the World Series, you know, I cringe a little bit just because of the way they beat us up. Clayton Kershaw for me. Is that player that I'm very happy to see you get that championship. You see, players come and go on the Dodgers roster and hey,.

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