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Do it. Now. Let's say if there's one guy in this room who's actually down with that. Walk away. I've gone to more than one sporting events with you before, sir. I know where I just look up, and it's Robbins has gone. I send you a text message Ayman where yet. Oh, yeah. I need to leave. What the hell not going to tell me? I mean, that's that's a little lower from divorce, but still daddy coming home. Saudi Arabian courts will notify women by text message now where their husbands have been granted divorces under a law took effect yesterday that serve that service with a smile right there. Tweeting. Just tweeted out, by the way, I'm not coming home. Okay, used like you have to put the notices in the newspapers, I'm changing my name or the couple is divorced. Now. This couple is married now got to put that they're now it's just on Twitter Twitter. That's the twenty first century solution to the lawyer Samaya al-hindi told the local paper that Saudi courts in the past heard many cases of Saudi women still living with her ex husband without realizing they had been divorced. God. This will put an end to any attempts at cheating or impersonating, the identity of women to take control of their Bank accounts and property using previously. Issued powers attorney. To step forward. For divorced women. There you go. If you get to drive now, and we're going to get some tax to notify the divorce Abdul Akbar. If you're contemplating divorce. Lawyer..

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