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1 28 Find 20 minutes from the pike up to 93. Woburn can't beat that Andrew. One looks good up past Lin Fells Parkway, My King W B. C's traffic on the three's clear cool tonight. Temperatures dropping to about the mid fifties in the city. Forties again, though in some of the cooler suburbs some hazy sunshine tomorrow it'll be a warmer day Temperatures made seventy's a gusty breeze develops breezy tomorrow night low 61 with mainly clear skies, then the clouds start to filter in on Thursday as the sun gives weight afternoon clouds in a shower to develops temperatures in the upper seventies. Maybe a lingering shower Friday. Otherwise ploughs break for some sun. The temperatures fall back down again. 62 for the high on Friday, loaded mid sixties over the weekend that we should have plenty of sunshine 60 degrees right now in Boston. Different scenario Weatherwise in New Orleans. That's the sounds from Blake Pontchartrain. It's wind and rain from Hurricane Sally Batter the central Gulf Coast from Louisiana all the way over to the Florida Panhandle. Category. One storm is moving in just two miles an hour and dumping huge amounts of water, which is leading to flooding concerns. Forecasters are expecting the storm. To arrive late tonight or early tomorrow. Landfall near the Alabama Mississippi State line. Alabama's governor Kate Ivy, warning people near mobile Bay that if they haven't evacuated they should really is not to be taken for granted. We're looking at record flooding, perhaps breaking historic level salad. Top winds can near 80 Miles a dollar right now, a category one storm parts of Portland, Oregon, have the world's dirtiest air these days because of wildfires burning out west. NBC's Kaylee Hartung is out West Wildfires have taken the lives of at least 27 people in just the last week nine here in Oregon, this is about 28 major fires are burning in the state of California, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says President Trump's in denial about the impact that climate change is having regarding wildfire resident Trump brushed aside any possibility that climate change had an effect. Suggesting idiotically That the planet will start getting cooler just to watch in Sacramento yesterday, President Trump reiterated claims that poor forest management is to blame for the wildfires. Republican showing their plans for a turning to leadership in the House. Republicans have unveiled their election year.

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