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Off. I didn't get all the way through the latest. Pardon my take and I know Patton oswalt on and I'm interested to see how that went for you guys 'cause I I like pat and a whole lot and I was. I was glad to see us on there. Was He there to talk about the? Hbo Special yes there was HBO special. We we had a really good conversation about comedy. And the general consensus of you know how comedy will push the boundary and then they'll always be over response and we've seen it probably in the last five years where people will whether you want to call it. The canceled culture woke or whatever it may be comedy will always prevail and I really enjoyed like hearing that perspective from someone who's in the profession being like look at times you can overreact and say that like comedy is dying but the this has happened throughout like the history of Culture American culture. There have been times where they have. They have clamped down on what can and can't be said on TV or radio and then in comedy and smart people push back and eventually we get even better things. So I like that message and I feel like that. That's kind of an important one to remember when you feel like. Hey you know. They're making sure that I can ever make a joke again. I don't think that's ever. We make FUNNIER JOKES. And Smarter Jokes. Don't you think when comedy comes back live in front of audiences that they're they're going to tolerate way more that this may be the point where we get recalibrated so that people aren't trying to You know Social Justice Warrior their way out of a comedy club yelling at Daniel Tosh as they Table over yeah. Yeah and I actually think that the comedy club thing to me. I really do think that it should just be like and this will sound a little bit too far but I do think it should be illegal to videotape anything at a comedy club. Because it's just so weird to me that someone could videotape of a stand set and then put it on the Internet and be like look at this and it's like all context all like. Hey let's go to a comedy club you have when you're like. Hey let's go to a comedy show will time a couple of drinks going to relax. We know what were expecting. We're going to expect jokes then putting it on the Internet where it's a sober mind sees it and not only sober mind but someone who didn't opt in for the comedy show it's crazy to me. It's crazy to me. I think it's so wrong. It's kind of like when when a lot of people. I think one of the things that I absolutely hate the gets done. Now is transcription of podcasts. Or or audio. Where tone and everything that goes into it is completely lost. It becomes something totally different than what it said. All right last thing I have for you. If you're one of those protesters in Raleigh North Carolina that carries a bazooka into the subway. What does your order have to be you? You have to at least get a twelve inch right. Even if you're not hungry you get a six inch you are. That's just the saddest thing ever. I got a twelve inch meatball. I think that sounds people. Yeah but I would like to see if any of those guys were like you know what? I'm watching my figure. I'm you know I wanNA make sure that I'm ready for the for the impending civil war that we're going to create in wherever they were in the hills North Carolina but. Yeah that's that was the site. I actually think we should let them go. And and like find an island and let them all just live there and fight each other. Like all judy in real life and eventually kind of will take care of itself new they. They think they're on the island right now. If you're trying to get the other people off sure it's a great point. That's a great point. Big Having Barstool sports pardon my take. Can I have that on wheat? You can't you can't say as please pardon my take with Patton oswalt. The latest episode is up right now. Big Half from Barstool sports. Thanks man all right. Thanks so much guys appreciate it. Gets Berg New Pizza Restaurant in mountain view? California is pushing the limits of robotics artificial intelligence by having machines replace humans in the kitchen. The technology is so advanced it also keeps track of what customers order and predicts the pizza. They might want before. It's even ordered. Don't yeah but I I always feel like places can predict what I want. I order from like five places and they all know what I want and then I order enough for like three people and it's only me idea..

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