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Room with Sonny hill before I go back to the callers I said I went to the college basketball game yesterday which was temple at the sound and I did go for the basketball game per se although both guys or my guys the coaches and their staff I went to see what they were going to be wearing a how did they look in their clothes N. I would say this for the south side Donny Carr outstanding Hey Pappy hearts owns looking good Ashley outstanding when the temple sign Clark looking good Mante Ross you were doing it an error in the key you were out standing again and the I like the fact that you were showing a lot a linen on the your cough of your suit on both sides a lot of people don't know about that but that Erin knows about that but that it was a it was a draw it was a draw both sides look really really good and I'm proud of you from the dress gain now the basketball you guys played hard this time temple was able to come up with a victory with that being said we're going to go back to the phones and we're going to say good morning to Chris in terms of what you want to speak about good morning Chris good morning how are you today I'm doing fantastic let me just start off by saying a special thank you I've been listening to this the first time I heard you I would say maybe five hundred on I had a missed a show just like yourself thank you you have no idea how much I use your show I'm manager auto sales team at a dealership and you know we have weekly meetings and currently trying to bring out the best the people with the engine that supports examples rarely works are non from your show of all the cars and I really get thirty people on like work after you know it's not like you have become not bill Russell and wilt and stuff like that you can recall what would you send Chris use use antidotes from the conversations that we have in the living room remember I don't do interviews this is a conversation so people that are in this business they do interviews because in most cases they can have conversations because they really don't know the people are too that intimate part so you can have those kind of conservation and if you notice Chris and you say you've been listening for years now it's across the board it's from a dizzy absolute here appreciate it thank your arm suggestion for a for a bed Simmons thoughts on it you know I I feel like the coach is maybe a little too tidy armistice with his family or they're going to tell you so when you call the play for Ben and have them say you're a woman called plate political shot down your regarding your student so you're one of the things that plague in next time around if he doesn't make the shot or he doesn't take this out thank you well no no no I think the way that you would be able to handle that Chris is you would look at some of the place on the floor take video and then you break that video doubt see all the technology you have the day it is right that the down now this is where I've been saying this is going to get the job done the last home game then shot a fall away jumper shot from the foul line and I and I I loaded him after the game what he has to understand and the coaching staff S. understand is that that shot could come off of the second or third pass after goes inside otherwise let's say we thought about downstairs to Joe well the defense collapsed on him two guys come to him now Joe well kicks the ball out what's the defense going to do they're going to run at the first guy who kicked it out right sure send that person pass the ball to the next person now the defense is scrambling walk is run in Dale the the bin is in that spot or you may be on the next spot where the by that time the defense can't come all the way around and now he's standing there with a with a three point shot and that's way shot should come it's not happening now really don't don't yeah our level it hurts to say it because it's such a big fan of the team and your son could be on like a little bit with him beat yeah yeah okay I feel you went on you know what I would do Chris well I will do I will let him know they come home this week and I will let him know that the people like you went out this looking form to be able to step up more with that jump shot but notice what I say it has to come off a rotation okay that's the second and third past coming out me and you I needed a government okay thank you know right back at so called me again our love you have to let's go to our rob and Overbrook over over brook park good morning rob good morning so yeah you don't need a good man Hey listen I got a phone interview about the sex is that someone do that I'm almost done the liver disease I want to talk some knowledge first some real some real lot realized about it you know because sports is great but sometimes sports acts as a distraction keeps us from doing the things you really need to be doing in this world talk to me you know our I met doctor Solomon and nineteen seventy I went to I was going to I see on Jefferson street and technical courses there some classes Jefferson street when they first opened up I see that's on Jefferson street yeah that's how old police building yeah okay I'm on now I was I took some college classes there and you know it was all about trying to you know trying to find myself I was still in high school was erected by what the up your basketball the cat thanks very much but the reason why we would we don't have we won't we won't have men like doctor Solomon in you anymore you know like I was reading an article skews what you took me to another a couple you in the same sentence with doctor revenue Leon Sullivan I'll put your name the same certainly back began to because of the impact you have a lot of you start you know what I was reading an article by doctor king right before he was assassinated he was he was he was laying mentioning that perhaps integration was not the way to go yeah for the black community is touch because he said that we would bring education to a bright he lack of America to a burning house okay and America Asia we were entering a burning house and we were going to get burned we've gotten and and I am not races gotten burned as and braced the capitalistic society the system that that we now live in excited do you like the dominant culture the process of you know longer educate ourselves a lot no longer have to schools to educate ourselves integration as rob those and and and took in everything from us you're right they're wrong because what you're saying I've said many times but the other thing that did it took away our culture that's right you know what no one in America there's no ethnic group that did more for this country and love this country more so than the Negro the colored the African American on the black as we went up the ladder with each of those ways of expressing who we are we can go forward backwards you know because it's hard to be more like them yeah we forgot who we are so but the problem is that you're out Ron brown let me stop because people are listening let me give you one prime example one of the things that we did best this took care one another back in the day number give us born nineteen thirty six but I have Mister Johnson down the street wasn't doing well on Mr Dan Melva my grandfather Mandy and Terry would say to me Sonny bar take some of them being is down the street there are some of the pot whatever it may be greens or whatever we we were fortunate we had a phone most of my neighborhood which was not totally black when I move that awful Adelphia it was more white but didn't have phones so they would call my phone Redcliff I think was out on number I think back then well that's great sunny Radcliffe and they would say are I need to speak to miss someone so Mister so and so and we wish my grandma sits on the board but on the street look miss someone so no one whatever it may be that common you know use the phone what we did all those things how about Robben ho ho let me finish because I'm on a rant right now let me just finish Hey rob I'm from north Philadelphia baby I can't be nobody and I let nobody beat me I went through the gangs I went through this somewhat all over the country do you know rob at night time when I come home I'm scared book in the neighborhood who did that where did where did that to ourselves and we did that I'm because because I was reading the article about your account the criminals that run as city you know talk about Kennedy Jack we're going back on what I don't want to go on that level you keep that job no no no it just no no no I don't I don't want to get not only the bombing that because I I try to keep the balance okay but but getting back to allow something early we would you know we we we need to we don't have we won't have you know wait wait wait and when you're gone we will never see a like again the backing it up we don't have we don't have the determination we don't have the care for each other we we become so much unlike what we wear that made the things that made us quickness touch you don't have that anymore so whenever you're away we're trouble when trouble his money where we're going to be and I just I just indicated and you talked about the primary thing that we're in trouble for is the one that I'm always speaking about education X. right anytime you have in you an educated man rob so anytime you have about.

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