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Offers between people with high genetic risk for schizophrenia placental health and low genetic riskin hopefully we may be identified some biological factors that would lead to a strategy for improving or perhaps counter balancing those biological tendencies daniel one bugger from the johns hopkins school of medicine figures from the latest season of japan's antarctic whaling program reveal that more than three hundred thirty three minke whales were killed one hundred twenty two of which pregnant the annual expedition continues despite international pressure so fi store has more details every november a fleet of japanese whaling vessels sets out for the southern ocean the waters around untucked care it is that twelve week wailing season carried out in the name of scientific research a claim contradicted by international bodies in two thousand fourteen the intern national court of justice declared japan's and talk tick wailing program illegal and said it didn't comply with the definition of scientific study set out by the international whaling commission for a year japan stopped but then it resumed flouting international law and catching roughly four hundred antarctic minke whales in each of the previous two seasons minke whales are not endangered but their numbers have declined campaigners say japan's program is cruel and unnecessary the whales a killed by grenade tipped harpoons which often don't kill instantly then meet was an important source of protein in japan after the second world war when industrial whaling peaked but now consumers appetites for the white flesh have waned despite its justification for science japan's wailing body still sells its annual catch for consumption sofi east all.

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