Three Core Reminders for Spiritual Practice

Tara Brach


So i am recording here from cape cod. Where it's drizzling. And i send all my heartfelt best wishes to those that have been going through these incredible heat waves but i wanted to talk about for this class is something i've discovered over the decades of spiritual practice and that is that there are three particular reminders about practice that come up over and over again and that have i'd say most guided my practice and many others. I've talked to have felt the same. That these three are the kind of key remembrances and the first one is wake up from thoughts. Move from that space of being lost in thought to witnessing the fact of thoughts so that we can release the grip of of judgments and stories and beliefs that are keeping us small. Wake up from stocks. No one elderly woman recently. Spoke very a wistfully to me about how this gift of learning to see. Oh it's just a bod. How much not having to believe for. Thoughts has made a difference in our life and how many years went by that. She really felt imprisoned by the circling stories and judgments. So that's the first. Wake up from box by the way that doesn't mean get rid of the hot suggest means no they're going on. The second is fuel the fumes that are here. You know open to the vulnerability that's often in our bodies and hearts and when we get the knack of that of of staying present with vulnerability or difficult emotions what happens is our presence intensifies. It becomes more spacious more tender. And there's a real quality of freedom that comes with that

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