How to Day Trade Crypto Successfully in 2021 - Regardless of Your Background or Experience


Hey guys mubarak have in penny stock copier doing well in this episode. I wanna talk to you guys about how today. Trade crypto currency right. You've seen a lot of people make a lot of money from it. And to be honest it's one of the only methods left in the kind of Financial market world where you can actually still win all right. The reason for that is because all of the other markets and exchanges you know stocks commodities gold silver forks foreign exchange options. They've pretty much been taken over by billion dollar institutions. That have too much money in software built in right. There's algorithm ick trading. There's other people's money involved than there is. Phd's from harvard wall street and pretty much. It's almost too competitive to kinda win. The markets if you're trying to compete on anything other outside of cryptocurrency right whereas with cryptocurrency. There's always these types of different cryptos and coins that are popping off. And you know the good thing is that they're open twenty four seven so if you just know the right strategies then you'll be able to get ahead all right so consider this as an intro to day trading cryptocurrency. And i'm gonna go over the pros the cons and at the end. I'm going to go over some very strategic pretty much strategies and methods for how you can succeed and where you should start as a beginner intermediate and kind of delve into it further. All right so you know day trading first of all what is it right and it's basically a strategy where people you know. The technical terminology means that you'll enter our trade and sell the same trade in the same day right so it's the opposite of the kind of warren buffett principle of buying holding. All right. now you can do that. With certain crypto currencies and certain stocks. But the thing with the buy and hold method is that it's a very passive type of

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