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Gonna give it another go tomorrow night drama Holland WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio, 803 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. How's it going, Mike and the most highways are good right now. Jan will start to the South. There is roadwork set up on 24 south. That's why they There's a little stop and go through Raynham. It's roadwork at that route. 44 interchange. The ramp from Route 44 west to 24 South is restricted. So is the ram from Route. 44 East 24 North Watch for detours there through the night. Things are good elsewhere right now. The expressways fine in and out of the city. Route three along the South Shore is good. So we're all the cape highways. The canal roads, the bridges there, Okay up to the north, The upper end of 1 20 eight's fine. I've got 20 minutes from the pike up to 93. Route three and 93 north are both good up to the New Hampshire line. No complaints on 4 95 downtown. The volume is light coming into the city tonight. That's good. If you're using the lower deck of 93 or the tube Enbridge, they are fine. So is Storrow Drive and the Ted Williams Tunnel to and no issues on the Mass Turnpike. You are good to go all the way out past 2 90 in Auburn tonight. My King WBC's 24 hour traffic network. Hey, guys, Billy cost to here. Let's go out. You want to win dinner? Your favorite local restaurant. Enter right now at Let's go out Emma dot com and your chance to win $100

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