God Is Sovereign Over Evil


Joshua chapter. Sixteen verse one. The allotment of the people of joseph went from the jordan by jericho east of the waters of jericho into the wilderness. Going up from jericho into the hill country to beppo. This could just seem like a simple verse describing the allotment of land. That goes to the people of joseph. But i just wanted to pause and think about this picture. I this was hard to see coming in genesis. Chapter thirty seven right. You remember back in the old testament first book in the bible. When joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers when he was thrown into a dungeon for year after year after year he was stuck in this dungeon. I who could picture that one. He would even live like his brothers at one. Point wanted to kill him and there he was a slave thrown into a dungeon and yet think about genesis chapter fifty verse twenty. What others intended for evil. God intended for good. God was preserving. Joseph god was preserving his entire family he would keep them alive. During famine through joseph being sold into slavery being thrown into a dungeon a god was working in all of this and ways. Joseph never could have imagined in ways. No one could have imagined or would have planned. God was working behind the scenes in ways that would lead to not only his good but the good of his entire family that will lead to the good of his family one day entering into the promised land just as god had promised and specifically here in josh for chapter sixteen verse one. His people his descendants receiving part of that promise land

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