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Go and I mean we're definitely in a different place so we were on on March thirteenth when this whole thing oh no question and we're going in the right direction yeah the only problem is you look at the peace Paul Ince gave and it's just as ugly as ever in you know what's worse now is that baseball is losing like the it that the the image war or the perception war like if for example they could come back on time and be playable in July black people are already like pissed at baseball yeah I know yeah they like it like Steve young he says and he's on with told right now he says he was has been perception is everything perception is everything in sports you know like quote unquote this guy's a choker this guy is a winner you know we have like wait a minute in in right now people I think are are at least as my it's my belief people are pissed it baseball is like nothing really happened yet you know I mean they could still get back out there but I feel like people are are revving up anti baseball thoughts again well because there's already just like a built in kinda low tolerance for it I think that again yeah based on previous you know previous strikes and stoppages and and and you know Matt Williams getting screwed all these you know we've had enough we've had enough blemishes in black marks on seasons that were never played or got cut short and I think people just anticipating that they're just getting their backs up telling me though because it hasn't happened in twenty five years and is still shaken told us the NFL and MLB has had more NBA have had more recently for strife right right it's the same thing with steroids like baseball for some reason gets judged differently did we said the million tied NFL player gets proper words like once you back we already got and yet for the rams if you ever do you have for the Seahawks games yeah in baseball guy gets popped all my god how could you do that to this country will not do that a brick of the constitution I hear you but I think it's the self it's it's the what's that what's the world one of the words I mean it's just kind of like it they've built their own kind of infrastructure where you know it there are the obvious either hall of fame has the most stringent you know standards and they hold people to that level like the it's like the first kid in a family yeah I think it was it was America's first sport into the parents are harder on that first kid big tech specs he's expected to get better grades you know what I mean he's expected to behave either have his table manners in order he is expected to go to a better college you know I'm all that are you close to home right close to home right Hey I'm not can resume to baseball is the copes of the kids that we hold baseball to such a higher standard it's our baby you know it can burns with the his tinkling piano and his black and white zoom ins on on you know on whoever old Hoss Radbourn or whatever you know into quoting Walt Whitman you know baseball has proven time and time again they don't care do the institution of baseball they will take their greatest players of all time and leave them outside you know what bond you're out P. rose your routing lemons I don't hear from you this would be the equivalent of canton Ohio gone we're not putting Brady and he deflated upon us Jim Brown you're out Brady's out yet I mean these are the biggest names of the generation to it's crazy man is like the greatest players of the last twenty five years at by Belichick's gonna walk into the hall of fame in Spygate deflategate you know cares right right by the way and I only started the first I finally at six o'clock small town hall first first half hour in I am obsessed it is fabulous to do this I had to stop the daily dinner suit it's it's fabulous more so with the because there's a lot going on there's a lot going on timely in fact poly I was gonna tell you a coke you can cue it up yeah I was so excited to watch it I almost I mean I almost decided to like Thomas pocket facetime you guys you know because I let everybody know you wanna do you wanna I know I'm set it up on a team for your policy two.

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