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It was first reported as an active shooter. But that wasn't the case where under clear skies and it's 57 degrees in the Circle City with a high today 77. I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 6 31, a student from like Central High School in ST John, Indiana, called 911 Wednesday after hearing what he thought was a gun being loaded in a school bathroom. Dispatchers then reported it as an active shooter to police that it was dispatched as an active shooter. That's how Saint John Police Department, along with several other agencies throughout Lake County and Illinois. Responding. Saint John Police chief Stephen Flores says more than 30 officers were there in minutes, but they quickly figured out that no shots have been fired. And there wasn't a gun, either. It's being investigated as a homicide. Three people found dead at a home in Lebanon Wednesday night. Police are searching for suspects. They say all three of those people had violent traumatic injuries. A six step plan meant to contain the coronavirus supposed to be outlined today by President Biden. Fox is Jared Halpern. The sixth step plan has one goal stopping that dealt Variant by boosting vaccinations. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the president's plan will build on previous steps taken that include requiring vaccinations for federal workers in the military and incentivizing mandates in the private sector, So he's going to outline the next phase in the in the fight. And against the virus and what that looks like. The CDC data shows about 53% of all Americans are fully vaccinated against Covid in Washington. Jared Halpern Fox News 86 More covid deaths reported Wednesday by the Indiana Department of Health. All but four of those deaths happened within the last five days, including 27 Hoosiers, who died from the virus on Labor Day. Like many things in 2020, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was not able to be held in person, but it will be held in person. This year in New York City. We're very hopeful. We're working with Macy's, um, that we can do this the full way the right way, which I think will be a great moment for the comeback of this city. The mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio says the plan is to have the famous giant character balloons, floats and marching bands all back for the parade. I'm Sean Herrick. John. Yes, I'm interrupting. I apologize. It's not about the parade. It's about the story you started with. So someone thinks student thinks they hear a gun. In a bathroom calls the police that ends up being dispatched as an active shooter situation. Uh huh. That I think that's a giant giant story because the question is, how are police supposed to react? What is the procedure and I'd love it if we have somebody who can find out. What is the procedure? When a student makes that call Showing up is one thing, But can you do? Are they supposed to take it this way? Is there a way this was dispatched and properly? Do we know any more of the story Because You know, it's one thing to be concerned about what's happening to dispatch it improperly creates a whole another level of possible problem. I think they were just going off of what the student was telling them. And to be cautious. They did have a bunch of officers there from several other agencies that were surrounding this happened about 10 o'clock yesterday morning. Um and then they just they sent a bunch of people there just to make sure that you know it was indeed. Not as serious as it was, and then when it turned out to be that they didn't have. There wasn't a gun there that no shots have been fired. Then they were all able to leave, but they wanted to have as many people there as possible. And, yeah, they were kind of going off of what the student was telling them. I think he was in the bathroom and he thought he heard a gun click, so they were just going off of what he said. I'm just curious to know if there is a standard operating procedure by which they're supposed to go until they're able to confirm things. That and is that is that county by county is that school by school is that a statewide Now I'm curious as to what the standards aren't if anybody knows I want to find out. I absolutely want to find out. That's why I brought it up to you. Maybe, you know, or you can. You can find out. I don't want to give you work to do. But I'm I'm that is a curious an odd story that I think needs follow up. I'll see if I can find out anything. You're a gentleman man. I'm John Herrick on the level on the going on w I b c dot com 6 35 with traffic.

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