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This is the most fascinating part of the book to me mike. Moss explained the role of memory in this this road to addiction. Yes so let's skip over salt sugar fat skip over how they the attractive food by the cheapness of it in the very ability in the tons of calories they put an because we're where we're drop by nature john to kelly's memory is one of the ways that a argue that these food products are even more problematic because we begin forming memories for food at a really young age possibly even still in the wound depending on what our brother was eating and we hold those memories for the rest of our life auchan associating the food with great fabulous moments or other emotions and so that's why the food industry spent so much time advertising marketing. They are literally getting insider heads forming memories for their products. Give us. we'll give an example of that. Michael if you pop tarts help at the pop tart for even me so look. My mom worked outside the house. I was a latchkey kid. One favorite moments of the day in elementary school was coming home letting myself in putting strawberry pop tart toast. I hadn't had a pop tart. I don't wanna tell you. How many decades but it was multiple decades until recently into kellogg's research and development factory. There were doing lots of experimenting products and an assembly line of pop tarts had messed up in they were dumping the rock go do do in guru into vat right and the aroma came. What back and instantly took me back to those latch key days of weiner's in elementary school. Both the power of the smell but also the memory which never really left my head and we experienced that during the pandemic by the way right we ought to get away from the vending machine right arguably when the most treacherous corners of processed food industry. But what happened is we started to go shopping and under the stress the straight the fear We began buying products junkie. Promised we hadn't had since we were kids. And the companies were delighted. They saw their sales soaring. But as you mentioned it affected our eating habits in our in our weight gain in a way that we're gonna be paying a price for. We're talking to michael. Moss's latest as hooked food. Free will and how the food giants explain our addiction. What are the fascinates things about your book. Michael is how you differentiate addictions That some people is the general counsel could smoke one cigarette. But he couldn't stay away from the orioles or some people can see which i think people would find. Shocking could actually try heroin and not become addicted..

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