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Your radio with the most sustainable seafood entrepreneur in the world yes he earned that title bart van Olson is here his new book release the tended fish cook book as we talk about how they're so much more detained fish than ever before and so we're going ocean to plate and creating delicious dishes on bart we left off talking about oil or water and I'm still reeling because I will tell you very honestly I have been very responsible in the past for pouring out the oil in my smoked oysters container and I never thought to make a vinaigrette with it that's genius yeah what I think it is pasting is a really important topic subject so I mean you can imagine if you have a starting financing for three four years because that's me and Fatima Harding can look a lot like for five years without any problem the more the oils infused with the flavor of the fish I don't use all of it a little bit goes a long way yeah this little character that has made yeah you would never get a from any other bottles or let's say that's true in that in that sense there's a little extra secret back in no doubt you shared it with the world and we thank you is that is that a factor when it comes to ten fish that the longer its lifespan in the teen the more the flavors meld or mellow or did they get more pungent I never really thought about looking at an expiration date yeah what is the pending so it's quite a large topic because you have so many different species into a cam doesn't count that much profanity fish but if you for example have a full thirteen well got it and and headed off everything got but the fish the bone the flesh this call gives the contest six flavor to the oil and this is an amazing story and maybe if you would ask me again when did the love for finfish restarted yes it was him a technically when I visited the Mediterranean countries but I met them woman in Brittany in France and her name is Marty Betsy all and Marty he gave me in the corner of thirty which is the factory where they make payments right yes he gave me that one ten AM as you get ready like something fantastically special access and then he said okay but you're not allowed to keep this in the next two years and promised me but you turn around this team every four months turn it around like a turn it over right like wow it's it's like I'm ninety percent but like with the oil so if you turn it around the fish bone dry out but it gets like it equally infuse flavor it will it will cure it a Portuguese never bites in the fourteenth which is it is only less than a year old because they have not well curated favorites not sure proof that much is that they would like to sell how interesting the old special story behind him fish but yes yeah the whole fish sardines herring mackerel they do fantastic entertainment that's often also it's not just that you always buy wild fish would you buy or you think most efficient thing already yeah RT entry Harry yes so full of a make up free if it's healthy it's delicious no doubt yeah did you eat the teen two years later how was it because what is happening here but like yeah a few years ago and it's still there you've never opened it I've never opened it many camps without which I didn't open one of the reasons they said and it's maybe like a health or research sure of course you want to see it because all the six three six I think we give you five years shelf life but it's a legal thing we have a fifteen year forever right fifteen years that is what I do okay so are you promise you'll come back tell us how it is yes looking at a lot travel again yeah we all came together we'll schedule that I'm let's talk anchovies and eighteen please tell us that all the best things you make because in the ten fish cookbook I can't wait to make your cauliflower steak with mushrooms and anchovy butter oh my well one thing we could help free food cans are and your feet so you buy tuna salmon are already yes Michael mackerel it's best at the festival is sterilized on entry thank you feat I'm not okay they are cured yes salt room so it's three hundred kilos eventually clean thirty kilos of salt six months in a barrel then they clean up the date date date to get a little bit of wildfire they close it that's the reason that entry you cannot have them longer than six months here in our country because of its not to entity this you mommy thank you if I mean if you don't eat fish with you you you make sauces all day for your for your meat or just veggies one Phillips and your feet can make a true difference in any sort of dressing you make it's it's it's being rich and rich man it's in the network yes number one I have to agree with you anchovy paste I learned I will tell you was that in in French division is sick wa right the I I'm not sure I can put my finger on that mommy flavor in a dish almost like fish sauce in the Asian tradition but there's something there that is soul satisfying that's craveable you want more I think it's one of the reasons we love a traditional Caesar dressing because the the targets bite of the lemon and the richness and umami of the anchovy and then all together in a creamy platform is just so good it's fantastic so yeah either way you can use it for your dressing here for eight four mark for super smart out yet for anything and then of course the other thing you can use entries for is on top of a fellow store on on tomorrow and continue on yes he said me too I love that by the left both units all of that would be good if you have something to say that the next group something else to do it and then you have to so few and your feet many people often think it's too salty what's your favorite in in in in in phone mail for thirty minutes and you you only will taste like you threw a mommy and a smart anymore so yeah so you soak them in milk thirty minutes then just rinse them and use them as you would in a recipe I kind of just perfect a can of crab I think crab cake ups but I don't think you make crab falafel with lab nay all you can add anything to it sure but that's the thing with mark when we think of all of the food there is nothing different in terms of species so it is you can any any dispute might think of him in the photo with the pain of seafood maybe another billion beverage B. but anywhere you would use like a filler or order of meat or fish of course can substitute yeah at first but I can't and this is one of the examples if you average that that's the case with witchcraft my fifth sixteenth and and and and you can create something amazing I think most of the recipes in the book at a different angle our our special but only because of you would never think of it to Houston seafood that's true it would be interesting for both you think oh yeah hello preferable course might be left that yet but it's what a great combo yeah I know I I hear you and I understand I agree I don't think that we're looking at ten fish are in the right light and you have brought it to the surface pun intended I'll tell you the first thing I am making from your book is the tuna summer rolls because I think a can of tuna is so underestimated and so you use a tin of tuna and some lovely fresh vegetables and roasted cashews and you roll it all up in a rice paper wrapper and you make a decadent dip with peanut butter and soy sauce and sesame oil and lime juice right and that is the perfect summer roll with a can of tuna it's genius it's simple it's more simple than we think and ensuring that the number one sold seafood products in US address not any other product what what is consumed more than ten Judah but the fire every key of the recipes we used to live with it and just when you change your mind set you can do fantastic things yeah simple things and written nothing more simple to make several amateurish healthy beautiful just beautiful colors on the plate and it's just a tin of tuna yeah I love your passion and I love the recipes and I I I love your platform I think that you are doing good work and keeping us all eating well bart so kudos to you the book is entitled the tender fish cook book easy to make meals using sustainably can that are one hundred percent delicious from ten fish he is bart van Ole fan V. A. N. O. L. P. H. E. N. and you know as I mentioned he is arguably the world's most passionate sustainable fishing advocate named the world's most sustainable seafood entrepreneur and his first cookbook won the gore mon world cookbook award so trust me you want this book and you want to follow his ten fish travels on social at Barts fish tales T. A. L. E. S. and on his website bart van all fan dot com we do have the best culinary thinkers on this show from around the world and I hope you can hear it delights me to share their knowledge with you don't go away grab a snack come on back there's so much more fabulous food right after that guys.

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