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Frank executive director the wrench community fund and Scott Kaufman athletic director at Lakota west high school lots of different gases we talk about moving forward right on a lot of levels lots of optimism tonight see we had for gas each one more optimistic than the last how about that how can a looking forward next week we're open the line up and it fell long time NFL official Paul Weidner and also boy Billy Hatcher not not not not a lot more fun names and Reds lower than Billy Hatcher so will I be working on next week's show as well as we move forward but we couldn't got where we were without the help of Matt Rees and rob carpenter and the sheriff yep and if you're looking forward to a little bit more of now the two of us Monday night is the night seven o'clock Facebook live you can check out larger than life it's where we get a chance to do a little more deep dive into some of the things we've talked about maybe some completely oddball things that we've never talked about and we'll promoted over the weekend as well yeah let's check it out gamble capital and see and get give your famous line the signs yes and as always thanks for listening because of one for you there be no need for us we'll turn things over to America's trucking network coast to coast everything in between Steve summers start your Friday off the right way may first phase two phase one who knows what it is the state starts to open up a little bit more it's a phase and we'll see how it goes we'll be back with you on Monday Facebook live Thursday right here on news radio seven hundred WLW Cincinnati traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati Ohio governor Mike DeWine extending his stay at home order this is the twelve o'clock report welcome to Friday and a new month may first I'm rob carpenter breaking down many Ohioans barking may first today on their calendars the date the state all mortar was to expire however governor Mike DeWine says not so fast when people are not continuing to practice social distancing it is a problem and so if you're practicing social distancing and you're seeing somebody over there who's not practicing social distancing distancing yes it is it is a concern and a and and a problem governor Mike DeWine adding there will be some exceptions made when retail businesses begin opening back up and we'll talk more about that extension of the stay at home order later today ready for the latest traffic.

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