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Something others old lesbian has a disco song. That's grandma's like slowly moving towards in life. I'm really respects his journey. Yeah. I like grams lesbian journey to you. I'm an I like I like his glasses journey as well because you're Graham lost weight. Then it gained a little bit back. And then he lost the more, you know, as his the trajectory with weight. I don't know he lost weight. Yeah. Got like super skinny a bobblehead. He awhile back. I don't remember that. Yeah. He lost. Like that amount. What you have to lose to just get to a normal way. You know, how you have to lose like one hundred extra pounds just because you know, that you're gonna get a hundred and fifty back. You have. I'm there. I'm with you Graham. Okay. But I like that he also committed to glasses journey because it's like he's like, you know, what this weight loss. It changed me, and I have more confidence. But not enough getting I'm getting new frames guys committed. Okay. On literally Alicia bridges is killing me, by the way. I was like. Like who? Book. Okay. Sit in ear lobes. It's like, oh, I love the twenty dresses with France and cramps like I was going to wear that. Nailed it and Tom's like who aren't you to please be serious? I need a cocktail so badly. I just need to drink away. The memory of my son, deciding to become a mixologist the Arnie that I need my son's Chretien to forget what my son actually does life. So the next morning, I'm I'm the owner of craft in my son enjoys hobby lobby. We're at with that. I think that when I told my son that I wanted him to continue on the craft tradition. I didn't even craft cocktails. I meant craft the restaurant, but that's okay. We all take our own journeys and some are more lucrative and. And have more upside in fend. Sweater. So let's see here. So they're talking to do Spag. Oh, yeah. Why do I keep calling douchebag this guy? Really? Isn't that bad guy from the fandango Milenko chocolate factory phantom gives Melinda? Yeah. And he's he's not been as much produce bag as I've been expecting because he doesn't have eyebrows. And people just assume that people with eyebrows or mean, you know. So anyway, which is fair. So he was he doing douchebag I wrote whiskey sour. And he's he says he's gonna make and grandma's like so breakdown why you would choose a whiskey sour on whisky. Sour and Tom's like kazaa was less choice. My son's would have been to me..

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