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Kobe white at the center jump circle four on three. He'll bounce. It ahead to Cameron Johnson. Reset out the white nice extra pass in the paint, kicks it out. Kenny Williams pump fake on the three drive to the elbow. Jumper too strong rebound to Wake Forest. Good defensive recovery. Thereby wake after the. Turnover on the inbound Childress way off the Mark on the threes. And the rebound knocked out of bounds by wake as Lucius and Kenny Williams were battling for the board. Wake Forest haircut more turnovers than field goals in the first half. Carolina had two times as many turnovers as missed field goals. Wild stats, isn't that? I twenty minutes. Fifty one twenty three Carolina Kenny white passes in the right corner. To Brooks really tough bounce pass may in the post and knocked out of bounds by the Deeks Childress on the rotation that jumped on the high side of Luke maye trying to score it around in front of him as is normal player. Sandy Brown had come off of him from the details. Sears little who has not been in the game here in this half. Just walked to the back is Kenny Williams another three his first three of the game for the tar heels. It is their ten. So little again who has not been in the game. This half was talking to Doug Halverson on the bench and then walked to the back as. Garrison Brooks battling in the post with Sar called for the foul. Just the second foul on Brooks. I on Carolina this half. So little returns. Eighteen o five to go. Heels foul up five thirty one in the inbound is stolen again. Brooks tipped it into the hands of Kenny Williams to a trailing Kobe for transition three. No good cooks. The offensive rebound per Carolina goes back up and gets the role. I tell you there has been and now Danny Manning. We'll take the next to last time out for Wake Forest to seventeen. Fifty four market has been continuations of y you can just say madness for Wake Forest. They just cannot seem to find any kind of brake pedal for the Carolina offense and for their level number of turnovers way with ten turnovers and shooting twenty one and a half percent. That's a big reason. The UPS scoreboard update rates fifty-six Twenty-three Carolina brought.

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