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Come on earner point. Okay what happens. Yeah and then. We're just at school right like they show a little bit. We have a small. There's a small little bits about like sasha's mansion she's her parents divorce shea does mention she has to hide her close But then we get to school and they all come. they meet their. They wanna walk in together. Yes they're all friends and they best friends. Marcus rooms you can tell that. They all have like a thing like one of their fashion. One of their things is like also fashion is another way and then another one like red. Her thing is being originalism girl. Jerry juice shoes shoes. Okay as like. I don't i honestly couldn't tell the the main girl saying i didn't know what it was the whole movie. I don't know them singing and shoes singing. It was singing that she was like afraid of and then we had to build up the whole movie. I froze yeah. We had to build up the whole movie to to get to again. Yeah and then jade's thing is she's super smart because she's asian. Yes and she loves fashion. Sasha's herons divorced. She loves racist. Her parents are divorced. She loves fashion and cheerleader. Chloe's mother is poor. She's a single mom. she's clumsy. She loves sports and yasmeen is a singer and love shoes. This is also. Yeah i was gonna say. I'm glad they didn't go with it being so on their racism being so on the knows that they made the black girls parents the mom pop poor and single and all that stuff. I think she ended. Oh yeah this movie is super subversive to make the fucking wight mom. Wow is rich. I've bought this racist of scale going on right now in my head. It's like oh it's a little more balanced. Let's see where we are at the end of the film. I definitely want to know the updates. But then they all walk in one by one a hand in hand but before that we get to meet our villain of our film. And if i'm being super honest this is what makes us meredith. Makes this film for me. Like i think it's cute and it's fine and it's interesting and everyone's trying their best and it's like oh this is like dumb but then you get the villain and she is just so all she. She is in a bad person like just she is a riot in and it is upsetting..

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