Secretary of Defense Allows CB Cameron Kinley to Play for Buccaneers


Navy corner Navy quarterback Cameron Kinley deployed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Can I? Oh, hey. Mm. Originally, Kenley was denied Serve backstory. You got a year again and tell the back story. So Kenley was originally denied Service. And so he, um, so he was having ex exceptional camp over at, uh, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They wanted to sign him. And then all of a sudden the Navy stepped in and said, Actually, you can't you have to. You have to serve with us. Essentially and then that started little bit an outcry. All of a sudden he started listening, Pete listening people who you know, came out a Navy to play in the NFL, like Keenan Reynolds, among others. And so finally, today, it was announced by the secretary of defense. They will allow quarterback Cameron can lead to play with the Buccaneers. And this was the Army who was doing this. The

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