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Facility and pressure is off dot biz one of your compressor services all makes and models and recommends L g. No other compressor manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. Contact wonder at pressure is off dot bids, Traffic and weather together on the tendons it is he tend to be lousy is still a quite right out there this opening day. After the most part, we are seeing a little bit of a heavy right along 41 South bound between highway cue in the zoo. Could be about 19 minutes. Elson extra four onto your normal ride east and westbound 94 looking okay. 17 from Highway 16 to downtown cellphone. 43 also quiet ride there. 12 from Brown the road, the Marquette. Went out from Layton Avenue into downtown on 43 94. That'll be a seven minute ride with traffic and weather together on the tens. I'm Debbie Logica wtmj pellet of Complex Saver Traffic WTMJ five day forecast waking up to another cold morning out there. Temperatures in the twenties. And teens. Mostly sunny skies Today breezy and chili, a high of only 38 degrees for tonight. Clear and cold. 25 Lakeside 18 inland Friday Sonny and seasonal up to 50 Saturday that really nice, mostly sunny, mild high 62 Now Easter Sunday, mostly sunny 58 for a high near the lake 70 inland and Monday Partly cloudy, slight chance of showers and storms in the hive 68. Meteorologist. Brian is Nancy. With Storm team forecast on WTMJ Medicine 23 Green Bay 21 Walking shot 21. It's 28 in Milwaukee and wtmj, sometimes serious Monday. Anyone in Wisconsin 8 16 and older is eligible to get the coded 19.

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