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A letter also what includes a link to a local C. P. G. companies that locals can actually support with online purchases there you go so everybody's kind of pulling together on this one let's squeeze together squeeze in a call here we got Jeff is in Round Rock good morning Jeff hi Jeff good morning gentlemen and thanks for taking my call great show as always thank you Todd earlier you mentioned something about not trusting China what they said about the zero corona viruses after what they've done already has basically ruined the American economy and so it seems to me that president trump two months ago that was his his best thing the stand on was how well the economy was doing was like a freight train that couldn't be stopped yeah and and now it's come to a standstill the other thing is is now that we put all these people out of business unemployment's going to go up which is another thing that he had to stand on them and so when it says citizens if we wanted to go down and voice our opinion in a group they've also eliminated our right to ship for free up peaceful assembly because we can't can't didn't groups more than ten I just I hear yeah listen I I I think the communist country China is a is it an incredible incredible threat to our national security absolutely they are not our friends at all they still intellectual property they have manipulated our our money over the years you know holding back information on this virus they are an incredible threat to our economy and many other economies on this on this planet they they are a threat to this global right now actually don't disagree about what I think we need to do is we need that to kind of get our heads together to keep our heads about ourselves we need to reopen these restaurants and these businesses need to get the economy back on its feet keep going and I did some research on the two thousand and nine H. ones and one blue of the swine flu and if you look at all the symptoms and number of people that have died it was a lot worse than it is now but the symptoms were exactly the same you could get that transferred through the air you can get it by touching hard surfaces and it's nothing like what it is now this well it worked let me push back let me push back a little bit on you on on that front Jeff because this virus is a respiratory virus it it affects people with asthma and respiratory issues that is no issue right there hello well so did the wind to swine flu but not as bad because here's the thing I don't know how many villagers the Austin area hospitals have but let's say that the local hospital has fifty ventilators and some old people show up and need a ventilator that means that means twenty elderly folks your mother your grandmother and your father they're gonna die gasping for air in the lobby that's that that's the greatest concern regardless of how this virus get here regardless of how you feel about who started it and who do who got here what we should do that is a major issue the fact that we don't have the supplies to treat the number of patients this time around the respirators is the issue we don't want to flood our hospitals with patients that we can't take care of that's what we all need to stay away from each other for a little while yep and I kind of agree with that one business owner that we heard earlier this morning talking about shutting everything down for three weeks and this is a Donald Trump supporter let me play this and get your reaction on the after the local news at the bottom of the hour Mr president my name is Rodney Steven and I just closed fifty health clubs in six states in the Midwest by your request and some governor mandates which has caused me to lay off four thousand employees that I love and spent twenty six years building I'm asking you to do one of two things please one close the country down so we can achieve your fifteen day timeline to beat this virus should it down it should down now there are major cities in activities going on right now in many places why or let us open and get back to work and open our businesses I'm so sorry to ask we just need to do one or the other if we're going to close down more later please do it now a slow bleed we more detrimental I would hate to be in your position thank you for all that you do all right there you go I'd love.

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