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I have to say no it's not it's tom brady jerry rice jim brown lawrence taylor maybe he didn't play for very long though charles woodson that's hard i i would think lawrence taylor maybe number three just because jim brown didn't you know let me do this every week we're like we're gonna have to eventually like break this down and say that these are the greatest players of only that's what we do after our goats numbers list we just go through one third one hundred maybe far one jerry rice falters hayden i know see that's why i'm saying like jim brown it's probably not three to easy yeah brady and rice threes priorites taylor changes game blindside baby michael or number four number forty five you went with arguably the most decorated 'cause player of all time yeah i i would argue that he is the greatest college football player of all time because he's the only guy who's one two heisman trophies so it's gotta be archie griffin yeah i love archie griffin right the only got to win two heisman house that thing right instill like he did this very long time ago t into no man's l winston they wanted as freshmen and right couldn't repeat jackson junior senior yeah no one bigger mayfield didn't do it no ben didn't do it okay can you easily as mine hall of fame defensive back the seattle seahawks and i mean he's all famer so it was pretty good but i have no anecdote again tough numbers were five hard i wanted to go jordan when he came back yeah that's forty five to me fortysix you stole the player i wanted to use and i didn't want to go morning jefferson because i feel like we're doing goats less right and right.

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