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This day in history class is a production of iheartradio. Everyone I'm Eve's welcome to this day in history class a show that will convince you that history can be fascinating even when you expect it not to be. Today is December twenty eighth eighth two thousand nineteen the day was December twenty eighth nineteen. Oh three American jazz musician. Earl hines was born. Hines was born in Duquesne. Pennsylvania a suburb of Pittsburgh. His family was steeped in music. His mother played the organ and piano. His father play the coordinate with the Eureka brass band his sister. Nancy played the organ. His brother brother play piano. His aunt saying light opera and his uncle played. Brass instruments. hines began taking piano lessons early on and he worked toward the goal of becoming a concert pianist when he was in high school. He moved to Pittsburgh where he lived with his there. He Fell in love with jazz in and his own music. He turned away from classical music and toward jazz as a teenager. He formed a trio with the violinist and drummer. The group played at high school. Cool Events Church socials and nightclubs. Since Heinz still had to go to school. His schedule was taxing so he left school at age sixteen to pursue his career career in jazz in nineteen twenty. Two hines began working at the leader House a nightclub with singer and bandleader lowest. Debbie the band went to Ohio West Virginia and New York City and while he played with debis ban hines developed his own style. He created a technique of playing a melody a an octave that was known as the trumpet style in Nineteen Twenty-three. He went to Richmond Indiana where he had his first recording sessions with deputy but the the next year hines left. Deputy led his own band which included saxophonist. Benny Carter but soon he moved to Chicago which had a big jazz scene gene and the city. He met people. Louis Armstrong Jelly Roll. More in and Benny Goodman hines Armstrong and Drummer Zuhdi. SINGLETON began playing regularly. Were we at the Sunset Cafe when the club temporarily closed in nineteen twenty. Seven band broke up in Heinz began playing at the Apex Club with clarinetist. Jimmie noone noon. The next year hines was on several recordings that included some with Louis. Armstrong's hot five and hot. Seven hines piano style. Was it's notable on these recordings and he began to be viewed as not just a talented musician but as a jazz. Innovator hines also recorded a series of Piano Ano- Solos in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. That December hines began leading a big band at the grand terrace ballroom. They worked every the day of the week and they spent months touring every year. The band also got a lot of airtime on the radio helping popularize them outside of Chicago. When hines hines lectured one? Radio announcer drinking. The announcer gave him the nickname father. And it stuck even though hines didn't like the moniker. hines stayed at the Grand Grand Terrace for eleven years and recorded a lot with the band. He left the band in one thousand nine hundred forty feeling exploited and underpaid over the next few decades as he was involved in various ventures. He played with Louis Armstrong all stars. He played at the club hangover and San Francisco for five years and he opened club in Oakland in nineteen sixty three. But that didn't last long. He played three Solo concerts at the little theatre in New York in nineteen sixty four and he toward the the world including dates in the Soviet Union on a tour for the US State Department. Heinz play the piano until just before his death even though he had been in dealing with arthritis and heart problems he played his last Gig in San Francisco just before. He died in Oakland in April of nineteen eighty-three so many people consider hines the father of modern jazz piano playing east coat. And hopefully you know a little more about history today today than you did. Yesterday you can find us on social media at T D. I.

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