Blue Moon (MM #3720)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation at this point in life, having lived all over the country and being up there in years, I'm always amazed when I encounter some kind of products. I probably should have encountered earlier on in life, but didn't the other day. I read a story about Blue Moon ice cream. It's a product. Usually of Wisconsin. Sometimes hitting the Chicago land area, which of course, is where I came from, and it's an extremely popular ice cream. Original ice cream flavor. That was started by some Dairy years years ago. Now, they say Blue Moon, ice cream kind of tastes like cotton candy in a way. But the one thing Blue Moon is a part of its Superman ice cream. What she may be aware of a lot of Midwestern towns. I know, it started in Detroit, it's in Cleveland. It's in Columbus Ohio Chicago it's kind of in those Rust Belt. Midwest states. Superman ice cream being blue and red and yellow supposedly the Blue Moon. Ice cream is a part of the Superman blue. Something I'm fascinated about finding now and I may have traveled, North when travel gets a little bit easier, cuz you can get Blue, Moon ice cream up in Wisconsin. Well, I've got friends and family there. Who knows? Dead.

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