Naomi Osaka Reveals Mental Health Struggles


Last wednesday naomi. Osaka said she wouldn't attend postmatch. News conferences at the french. Open writing on instagram. That i'm just not going to subject myself to people that doubt me on sunday. She won her opening match and kept her word. The french open find. Her and tennis officials threatened to kick her out of this and future events and then on monday asaka withdrew from the tournament. She said she had suffered long bouts of depression since winning her first major in two thousand eighteen and would now take some time away from the court. Joel there's a lot to discuss about. The events of the last few days from athlete mental health as josh said in the intro to news conferences at big sports events to the treatment of black and women athletes the way athletes express grievances on the way that sports authorities respond to them. But i want to start here with the observation. That is pretty banal. But i think encapsulates all of this. This whole episode just feels so profoundly sad and also so utterly avoidable. Yes i think you know first and foremost like everybody. I hope that now asakusa okay and on the road to getting better getting healthier and getting the help that she needs at this point. You'd have to say this seems to be much more about her health than media access. Post-match press conferences so clearly tennis can wait for another day.

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