A highlight from Amazon Making a Mesh of IoT - DTNS 4042


Pandemic times. My guess is because it didn't compare it very well. Crypto currency exchange quaint base announced that its users can use money from their new coin base cards through apple pay and google payne automatically convert all crypto to us dollars when adding to a customer's queen base card that can then be used for purchases and then received crypto rewards for shopping. All right we have a basket of chip news for you today. You heard some of it already. Let's get to amd's at computrac say amd announced the radon. Rx six thousand m series of laptop. Gp us this is the equivalent to the invidia. Thirty one hundred series. You got the sixty eight hundred m sixty seven hundred and sixty six hundred m the sixty eight hundred. I'm being the one comparable to the invidia. Rtx thirty eighty. These are based on the to architecture. They support smart access. Memory or sam. That's amd's version of her sizable bar and use smart shift to shift thermal limits of the gpo for best performance. The rx sixty eight hundred sixty six hundred m are shipping to oem's now They also announced the amd advantage program which laptop makers can use if they meet certain standards like at least three hundreds of brightness in the display less than forty degrees celsius at the w. a. s. d. keys ten hours of video playback on the battery. Pci expressed gen three solid state drives and a few other. Things are og. Strict g

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