A highlight from 142: Chrissy & Craig - A Preview!


Welcome to a very special preview presentation of chrissy. And craig my hot new series with christie pekka. What the fuck is. I think we're gonna find out any second because let's listen to the theme song Know anywhere. I want to congratulate you on turning all women lesbian. I just you know i want to apologize out there because apparently on someone someone commented that. What did they say they said. Just because you don't like men doesn't mean you had to turn everyone that was so i just want to apologize on behalf of my behavior for turning everyone into a lesbian because you didn't realize it was that kind of equation. You thought well because of this. I'm going to have to turn them all. It's just. I guess it's my fault so i apologize out there Or you just can't get women. I think you just can't get you know. Maybe that's your problem. But but i i'll take responsibility response to the take one for the team i guess. Yeah i'm sorry guys you'll take the hit apologize for the rotten thing that you did it so bad so bad. Yeah well at least they have a reason. They can tell themselves when they can. I get a date or mixed income chrissy. it's her. it's her fault for chrissy fucking christie's falls do like she's really. She is like a problem on this app. Like she's turning everyone into a lesbian phony like it's not like she needs to be stopped. There's so many youtubers who do videos about me saying we need to stop her like she is x y and z like. She focusing sucks while they're playing like a video game and like video game that's most great thinkers throughout the history of social commentary. They're actively playing a video game while they're angrily dismissing cultural icon. Like yourself doing this date. When the fucking horrible notes christy's japan packers fault like faulker like girls. Sunday couldn't make your commonly like it wasn't even my fault bro. Can't come like i dunno. It's like her fuck and fault she's like uptight. Do you think like this is a tweet. So i credit the tweet. I saw but like do not get embarrassed when they can't make women comm because i like out of like my hookup. His story unfortunately so many guys like do not give a fuck and you. I've had to be like hello. Are you one time. This guy was like yo no. It's fine they go get you next time. I was like this is a hookup. Good you next. time is not. Who's getting the cheeseburger. This time you know what i mean. It's not like yeah thanksgiving. That apple pie. I'll get your next time honey. You think i would ever come back here next time. Good that comment one of course not to. It's like honey. This was like you're not. You're just filling this void for a second for me. Like not for long hon. Remembering align from the really terrible john travolta movie staying alive directed by sylvester stallone g. They make bad movies together. But the the woman says to travolta's character she was like. Oh honey guys like you there just exercise you just exercise philadelphia. It's like as board. Yeah and andy. Were maybe sing like what it could have been fantastic and if it was fantastic. Maybe there would have been a next time. However exactly i don't get men like that is sombre saying. Oh this getting all clumped short for words not usually my position but It it would horrify me to no end. If it wasn't a mutually satisfactory a situation or satisfying other situations don't care they just don't their sell just like consumed in like what is good for me. What's going to make me feel good. If i'm getting whatever whatever it is to like if i'm getting what i want it's fine which really blows my mind because isn't it better when everyone's getting off and why not work on it if you come in like a minute. Or the two jumpers. Yeah there's things you can do to increase your endurance and quite frankly it makes everything more enjoyable for everyone including yourself. Only gosh the sun just like came up. And i make women come con not sell. I really bright. I guess i yeah. Hertzel dim down just a touch there. It hurts a little go. 'cause see the women's women's got to be comfortable so like during the sundance a little bit enthusiastic things a little too hard talking about. Yeah see

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