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Could literally say that now. I was all over closet this spring and you were on critic and that could switch tomorrow but critics pitching the seventh like. He's not pitching the he's not setting up. There's no. There's no reason to believe that james current jack is close to getting saved now he could end up being a top relief pitcher with one hundred strikeouts and a two twenty with three days. When you say closet looks like thirty guy right now. yeah i would I'll actually make myself sound worse than say that. I was heggie over cleveland. That was not a in check. I i was just heggie over. The team and i was heggie because of critics questionable control and the fact that the manager didn't give him an endorsement of beginning of the year by the way class-a jordan hits similar pads. Find it very interesting. The cleveland has gone to class. Eight for two a each of the past two save opportunities and he's looked great. He's throwing a hundred miles per hour with ease which is a huge plus in his direction. Which is the same thing people are talking about. Jordan hicks were raving about his hundred mph stuff. And we're not raising raving about as it looks great. You're right. he might have this opportunity lockdown. But you're you know it's it's possibly gets thirty eight or he gets five. What's interesting about these two hard-throwing gentlemen and they're both at one hundred miles per hour. Is that we complain. The jordan hicks was not piling on the strikeouts in his first two seasons. They didn't either. Yeah this was not current check for k. rate so it's very interesting. What's happening here. One way by the way i don't think the cluster is a natural high. Strikeout guy i don't think he keeps up this caper. Not he's a ground baller. he's not only reassumed. That if you throw one hundred you will get strikeouts. That's not the case real weird about it. It's a four seamer and a slider an sixty percent grumble rate. That makes no sense to me. All right if you're picking up a reliever on oakland who should be. Trevor rosenthal did have the threat ala's syndrome surgery is out months. I would drop them in every league. I doubt he pitches again anytime soon. And he pitches successfully. The rumor is lou. Trevino is the new closer but they had nothing to close right. And i think that's what you have to react to is trevino's the one to get you know i liked. Gb wendell elkin. I don't see him really being in the mix currently jake diekman is still got some positive comments. And he's being used in high leverage situations. If there really are any came in with a six two lead in the ninth ever was five to still come in. So i do think i do think when del can ahead of torino right now but i also like the patterns. They've had over the past four days with him. That's all they've been very. Fluid with the roles in candidate velocity was down sunday. Some the watch. But the i don't even know who's left everybody's heard morse joshua i. They've never gonna win. We have to start viewing tech texas. Do pittsburgh bad offense terrible team. But we do roster. Richard rodriguez pittsburgh so. There's david bednarz next in line and texas that we know of. We didn't think jonathan hernandez was going to emerge last year. That guy miami It's guys are better than both texas guys. We took So bass's out as miami's closer. He was terrible. You garcia's the new guy thirty saves i dunno. I t probably loses it to. He's a home run guy of stuff on closer and the two of them were competitive in terms of skill sets during spring training bass just to pick the wrong time to pitch poorly. he could get thirty saves. i just don't think it's a great team. Let's talk combo meals now saying. Hey it's a combo meal did did it. Combo combo the combo hope plus still a lot tougher to do with the closer carousel. I gotta say on thursday. Have your buys and ed water escobar. Each home run and a stolen base on. Friday was tyler naked is off to a chris. Shelton like start with speed. Ramon laureano of oakland did it. Saturday and brandon belt. Of course they did on sunday Any thoughts on any of these gentlemen. Gosh yeah just trying to get my entire listener. The second one you mentioned. I think was the big one. Of course i'm quitting. He's available in a lot of leaks. He's on the most added. I think but he still fifty fifty percent. He was fifty one. When i just checked this morning at needs to be higher it was a bit of an unlucky last year. He was excellent two years ago and arizona's committed to playing if not every day pretty close to it. Take a look at the schedule here for the next couple days because that's always very interesting to us and we'll try to give you a divest thought as well Day baseball on monday minnesota. That's fun martine. Peres jay Anybody pitching today. Casey my zig zag cranky. That's something to watch. I wanna see. Casey mice does. I'm i'm interested him. Trista mackenzie gets the start. At the white sox is mackenzie. A starter is a third through sixth inning guy. An important outing for him as well The tuesday game isn't he. he's relisted. here's monday. So i'm listening is monday. Swish let me to switch. Where we're getting by the way. Because max freed got pushed back on monday. They're using the. Who are noah. Your bike riding against colombia. Tara from miami atlanta on monday and that's interesting because alcan terrorist. Musk to me like can these guys become top. Twenty five fantasy starting pitchers to have the stuff they've shown in in spurts in the past. They can do it so that's something to watch there and you know if you're using a dfs pitcher on the main slate seven pm or later maybe value guy or maybe just a great guy that you would pay for. Who is it Is if somebody here that you looking at. I'm you try to do this from time to time. i mean. I got enough to use aaron sanchez against cincinnati. I mean aikman. Take them deep. You know what surprised me was. That freddie peralta didn't get as good a grade from the forecast formulas i expected in a home game against chicago. It's probably ballpark related. But you know. I'm a big fan and you should be and the cubs are not hitting so i think peralta if the price is right. That's a good one. Where are you at on. Robbie ray against the yankees non chance not a chance. I walker against that lineup. All right handed no way no way you'll yankees are one of the most or at least the grade say they are one of the more strikeout prone offenses against left. Handed pitchers freight so. We ended up in ten outs and four and two-thirds with six runs. I'm not kidding. I came off the concern too. But you wanna talk tournament play. If he's priced. Well all right. That's fair that's fair. I'm just. I'm not in dane. Dunning on what. He was efficient his last outing. He went like seventy pitches over five innings only allowing him like seventy pitches. Bad team not gonna win much. The tampa bay struggling a little bit as well so something to watch their tuesday to will valet. You're correct that mackenzie has been moved up giving bieber an extra days rest so stop eating what it says that he has fiene could be wrong there on the minutes before i can on that that that i mean it it comes in. You know automatically. Somebody's typing in the rain. Saint tuesday doubleheader onis aaron nola taiwan walker phillies mets seven ten and in the nightcap in san francisco this is fun louise castille and kevin gausmann..

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