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3 48 Traffic and Weather Mommy Eights and Dave Dill dine in the W T O be traffic setting. Late, paving, leaving northwest Washington on Canal Road. Drivers are still sent left into Virginia. Across chain bridge. Claire Bart Parkway remains blocked between chain bridge in the Glen Echo turned around As the steam rollers keep rolling. If you're rolling from Shane Bridge into Virginia on the George Washington Parkway toward the Beltway, you're gonna have some company its congested more traffic than usual on the G W Parkway with the counterpart. Clara Barton Park Way blocked between Shane Bridge and the Glen Echo turn around the westbound on 66 volume delays. Fair lakes through Centerville. Nothing unusual between the Beltway and Gainesville 95. South bound routine volume delays Lord in Woodbridge on the brief delays farther south or Stafford County. On the Beltway through Virginia and Maryland. No incidents blocking in Maryland to 70 quiet between Ron Feeling Frederick route 3 40 west of Frederick jammed and stopped near the 15 junction. You can last report you weren't able to continue west toward Brunswick in Harpers Ferry That was a serious crash eastbound from Harpers Ferry toward Frederick North, bound on Route 15 Point of rocks toward Frederick. Your travel lanes and ramp are open. Say 50% off store wide this Saturday during Marlowe Furniture, Super Saturday event Plus taken extra 20% off your entire purchase and free delivery at Marlow Furniture, Dave Golden w T o P. Traffic. Hey, Samara, Theodore. It is pretty out there. It is so gorgeous to look through from a window. Yes, a little chilly Azzawi headed.

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