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Future self his spying on you through memories your future self is called yeah under the mistaken don't be making any jokes about me either depression and anxiety one convinces you nobody cares and the other one that everybody cares what you do an impression and that's weird I I I I I don't suffer from either thank god but om I understand they go together a lot which is kinda interesting yeah it is it is I you know I might characterize the personal interests of all a little more a little differently I should say but dumb yes is thought provoking well the point is they're both out of balance out of accuracy out of usefulness so in may and one of the most important things going on America are we doing something yes culturally either culturally or with chemicals or raise from our phones are something that is causing more of the staff maybe several things we are going to be recording via a brand new book club podcast with Tim the lawyer and and Craig healthcare guru tomorrow right Steven Pinker is what's it called Apocalypse Now Moby Dick Moby Dick but one of the topics of it is how much better the world is getting by any objective measure others are more food and more nutrition less infant mortality fewer wars I mean it's just every practically everything is better and yet the the suicide rate is on the rise in the death rate is for our I'm sorry the a lifespan is on the decline for certain demographic groups and and half of everybody's on some sorting citing medicine yeah the world is so scary yeah so I'm looking for to having that discussion at length about what's going on there hope you can check it out it will be posted on strong you get a dot com when it happens on a much lighter note I mean a much lighter note Bugs Bunny cherished cartoon creature Bugs Bunny is the same size as a fully grown human which is terror and stands erect rates must set walking talking rabbit let's see the topic here is my four year old will wrap a chain around your head guys are enjoying a veterans day weekend with some friends in Reno Scott my four year old saying I'm gonna wrap this chain around your head this chain around your head purely joking around with this friend he has no idea what he's saying guess mom enough I better keep P. G..

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