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Mm thank you thank you but before i began because i understood how big it is i'm a real estate developer when they start talking about millions of acres they say say it again at saint lot so before i began i met with senator orrin hatch who loves utah and loves the people of you to i called senator mike lee who loves utah and loves the people of utah i called your governor i called my original whereas e areas i called all of the friends that i have in utah i said what do you think a said will this be good for our country and will it be good for your state they said this would be incredible for our country will be incredible for you finally you'd be earnest but oregon take that was the donald trump just a little while ago about turk 1245 in salt lake city cocky and his supporters of his he was there with ryan zinke he was there with governor of utah he was there were the mayor of salt lake city he was there with navajos who i guess support him even after his disrespectful ceremony with the code talkers and he did indeed repeal part of the antiquities act that apply to bears ears in grand escalante scarcity's a staircase birdie on talked wells sixty what's up hey richard boy i couldn't take that whole speech uh that was uh disgusting that's and to yeah thank you a turned it off a couple of minutes um yeah well what can you say i mean this is the most hypocritical uh yeah can't we tweets gone unfortunately then pence will take over but um i mean this he's right about that utah's beautiful boehner when he says you know uh we're turning it back to the citizens he's really turning your back to the oil companies and you're all going to drill they then you know can't wait to start drilling in every place that game you know yeah have a bernard their packard see for me is it's it's when it's convenient when it serves your purpose it's great to turn things back over to the states would have done serve your purpose it's not it's best for the federal government to tell women how they can you know take control their embodies do their own healthcare things like that.

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