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So i was wondering or any relation with shinya no but there was an actress named devon a okay yoki that i think was like sister oh really yeah wow wait was steve shinya steve oh shinya speaking of the seam of the next couple of celebrities here we go demi levato hosting to her snapchat notable may fan that she borrowed this bell for matt hughes no you're still at making awesome out of his way to say former and then mentioned he's still a chance that's great no you're still a champion emmy still in the game like really like us love it trains jay glazer at his jim she gets to carry around few pounds of gold yeah formerly held by matt hughes but good see both of them okay speaking of celebrities and emma may fighters have even uraga made of pictured here with alex ovechkin this was great saying thank you so much for the invite it was an honor to watch you play live today yeah to russian legends legends the fact that forbids making all these cameos with these sporting legends renaldo not that long ago now over like the the the level the caliber of athlete yeah these are likely legend legends yeah by the time great veg can look so much older than them like it's been a hard life hockey i mean he is older but he just looks noticeably older in that picture it's also i think the clothing like he's like oh i love like dad it almost looks like this is my son he did well today he's proud of him he's proud of him and look i can't even smile.

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