Have We Reached the End of the Digital Transformation Road?


All right i wanna get right into it. There's something you write about quite a bit. On linked in that process intelligence fortress iq is also in the domain what is processed intelligence so process intelligence is about the automatic and continuous acquisition of processed data. And we're doing it at speed and at scale across every process every application every department and the goal is really to provide fast in clear and accurate visibility into the current state of your organization's processes. You know we want to eliminate those unknowns to really enable companies to better plan and better execute and the whole ideas is. You don't understand your current state. It is so hard to get to that magical future state and if you step back and think about it logically It makes sense. You know you can't get from point. Eight point v. If you don't know where point is if you don't know where you're starting from. Google maps can get you from boston new york pretty easily so long it takes if their tolls if there's an option to take a plane but if you say hey i want to go to new york. It's at all it doesn't know where you are currently and it's no different for an organization and in a fundamentally people don't understand how their organization truly functions at that granular user activity level.

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