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If you're never quite sure how to answer the question why are you. Npr's rough translation might be the podcast for you. Yes fine why someone else. Give us your accents and your origin. Stories your cross cultural misfits yearning to just be and listen to rough translation from npr. During the many years that masha gessen's spent living in russia reporting on among other things. The rise of vladimir putin the spent a lot of time thinking about how a country morphs into an autocracy. How one person the ruler. The autocrat comes to control everything and short. There's no playbook but autocratic regimes throughout history do seem to share a few things in common and tend to develop in three stages autocratic attempts autocratic breakthrough an autocratic consolidation so autocratic attempt is the stage when it is still possible to reverse the autocratic through electoral means. An autocrat comes to an aspiring. Have come so far and has to find ways of carrying out an agenda and creating the preconditions for autocratic power with a set of existing institutions institutions like the courts the media congress or parliament. And so what we see usually is on the one hand. The tax on the credibility of the institutions on the other hand the use of institutional weaknesses to make them pliable and to make them part of the autocratic attempts and then of course we see a lot of public lying right where nothing is true. Were everything is possible where there's a kind of informational hayes. And that's part of. What makes it possible to then us. Institutions every which way and at some point comes to autocratic breakthrough which is when their structural changes that make it impossible to unseat autocrats electorally now. These countries continue to elections is just those elections can have an impact on autocratic power for a variety of reasons. Electoral rules change. The media are taking over. Or you know they come under autocratic domination. There's massive voter disenfranchisement. There's you know the rigging of the counting votes and then the The last out of credit consolidation when the auto patas firmly in power and starts consolidating that power and a mask thing.

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