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Last October is now alive and safe. While deputies say Jamie class was found about an hour from her hometown of Barron Wisconsin, and the suspect is now in custody source, telling our affiliate K S T P that a woman walking her dog in a remote area was approached by a screaming teenage girl who said she needed help and identified the man in custody as having killed her. Parents investigators. Leave the thirteen year old was kidnapped after for parents, James and Denise Kloss were found murdered and their Wisconsin home October fifteen that's reporter Janine Norman more team coverage of the government shutdown congresswoman, Stephanie Murphy is weighing in Winterpark. Tim tells me her colleagues in the house are willing and able to pass legislation to end the shutdown, but this congress the Senate Republicans have refused to consider these bills. And the president has said he won't find 'em. Murphy says Democrats now plan to pass single appropriations bills to fund separate departments within the federal government. We can pass these appropriations bills reopen government and then negotiate border security with a functioning government. I'm Darrell Moody is at time for lawmakers to pass these appropriation bills without funding for the wall sound off by using the open mic in the news ninety six point five WDBO app. Well, the red tide made it really hard for businesses along the coast east and the west coast of Florida now scientists say this whole shutdown makes it hard for them to track. It federal scientists say the shutdown has been forcing them to analyze. Data and produce algae forecast from home rather than their laboratories full of equipment before the shutdown. Scientists were sending out weekly reports on the spread of red tide. Those have since stopped governor. Rhonda's scientists addressing the latest red tide efforts. Yesterday's he aims to make it a focal point of his administration. We will fight discharges from lake.

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