Skipping The Line and Monetizing Your Interests with James Altucher


Skip the line is about how do you be not the best in the world at something but okay maybe in the top one percent which is a very much larger group than being the best at something and then how do you also monetize. Whatever it is. You're interested in if you're interested in gardening. How do you monetize if you're interested in making in sports. How do you monetize that. If you if you're interested in comedy podcasting or writing or or finance how do you monetize it. It's not so easy. And so. I wanted to write a book that covered both lanes as opposed to one or the other one hundred percent. James listen oftentimes fire nation. The gatekeepers to there are the ones that are kind of pooh-poohing being like. Oh you can't do that like no. There's a process. You have to go through like no you just got to get into the back of the line and i heard that over and over again when i was deciding to start my first daily podcast interview entrepreneurs and these were from the gatekeepers from cliff. Ravens craft the podcast mastermind. This even from our our dear friend. Jimmy who was my one on one mentor. Guess what they wanted the best for me and they gave me ninety nine percent. Brilliant advice that. I did follow but they were both adamant the john. You cannot do a daily podcast interview entrepreneurs you will fail just what everybody else is doing it in the back of the line. Do a once a week show. That's what everybody does. We need to do as well. So get in the back of the line in just put it in your raps and overtime. Hey maybe it's going to happen. But i said to myself. Does anybody get good at something doing it once a week or four times a month like i gonna put in the wraps. I'm a bad interviewer. A bad podcast host right now. I've never done it before. Let me put in those wraps. And i had the passion i combined. It was skills over time. Because i was doing every single day. Which is james said. Gave me the potential to make some money the potential for that monetization.

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