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Glen ellyn and our Windsor comb WBZ news time to nineteen. Our top story this hour. What happened when they were teenagers supreme court nominee? Brett Cabanillas accuser will testify to that later this week allow much more on this story coming up to thirty one Purdue University kicked off its one hundred fiftieth birthday celebration, where they changed the way traditional halftime ceremony. Earlier this week Purdue announced it would not crown a homecoming king and Queen in a student driven effort to bring more gender equality to campus produce spirit and traditions committee implemented the change marking the first gender neutral homecoming court in university history, the traditional king and Queen were crowned. But the male and female students were called homecoming royalty while the change was the first for the school Purdue is not the first university to institute such as to traditional homecoming weekend ceremonies. Lisa fielding, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. They wanna hundred sixty year old Carson's department store, maybe resurrected after all Merrillville base c s g generation holdings. Bought the intellectual property, including trademarks and websites for nine hundred thousand dollars, and is now working not only on the websites of the stores formerly owned by Bon ton. But also says it's in the process of opening some brick and mortar stores, the new owners believe unfavourable leases were part of what led to their demise? The company says. It is sprinting debris open stores before the holidays. The CEO Justin Yoshimura says in a statement, though, it may not be as smart or educated as many CEO's with fancy MBA's. My passion for bringing joy to my customers is what is allowed my businesses to be successful. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one point nine FM county, Indiana. Prosecutor Bernard Carter says his office is reviewing charges. It could file against a man who rented the bedroom where Gary toddler was fatally shot Carter. Previously told the times of northwest Indiana that a bungled search warrant by Gary police prevented his office from prosecuting thirty nine year old Michael Lionel Edwards for crack. Cocaine allegedly found on a saucer in the bedroom where two year old Jalen Miller is girlfriend's daughter was killed a loaded handgun was left within reach at a girl and her siblings. The girl's mother did Shauna Fowler is charged with five counts of neglected offended after a shooting September fourth in a home in the seventy nine hundred block of Polk street in Gary Fowler claims. She and Edwards were speaking outside the home when she heard a loud pop Edwards ran into his bedroom and discovered the girl was shot in the head. She died that night a man from out prospect is facing multiple charges for allegedly recording himself sexually abusing a five year old child. Police say forty nine year old Dennis Rubio of mount prospect was visiting homeowners in the six hundred block of north elmhurst in mount prospect when he entered the bedroom of a sleeping five year old police say he then touch the child inappropriately while recording it on his cell phone. The child's mother found Rubio in the room and began yelling. She called police who searched his cell phone and found more child pornography. He's facing a number of charges related to child pornography and sexual abuse. A judge said bond at one point five million dollars, rob heart NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM and less than two years. The Illinois tollway is hired six Republican insiders for a high level jobs that collectively pay nearly nine hundred sixteen thousand dollars a year, including a former elected. Facial political operatives and the relative of a state GOP leader. The daily herald says that troubles some government watchdogs who say they are concerned about favoritism in an agency with the history of patronage tollway. Spokesman Dan Rosa, though, says the agency's executive leadership team is almost entirely comprised of staff from previous administrations it says nine of thirteen top executives were employed before the administration of Republican governor Bruce rounder who appoints tollway aboard members, but Illinois campaign for political reform chairwoman. Susan Garrett, a former democratic state Senator says the Illinois tollway is becoming the who's who of Republican political hires coming up a.

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