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It's tuesday wad squad and today we're talking about. Tv shows coming back again. A fresh prince of bel-air union comes out on. Hbo max this thursday and it looks good. Here's a clip. There will always be a piece of all of us in that liberty our show excellent to keep all the excellence was the way that we love each other. I couldn't celebrate thirty years of rush. Press without cannon. So janet that will smith is referencing. There is janet hubert the first actress to play an move who was recast. After three seasons reunion will feature both at which is what. I call movie magic of giddy. We've had a lot of s reboots and reunions year. What ninety sitcom reunions do. You still wanna see. Did they do a seinfeld one. They did right. They did like a sort of. I don't know. I mean that's probably like the easy answer right like i do. Those people are all still basically around. I don't really know is is richard's like kind of persona non grata at this point. Who's 'em like i. I'm assuming that richards is a person from the show dot com. He's played kramer guy. Yeah that guy sucks louis. Ck obviously they wouldn't invite to come back right. That's i yeah. I i think like. He's he's basically out of the mix but that that would be fun. You know like a post pandemic return to the diner etc. We get some new york stuff going on. Jail is still is even more in her prime now so that would be. That's a complaint. Saint question view akilah. What ninety sitcom or are you thinking about in my initial feeling is like family matters. Obviously you know. Got to check in ercole. We got to see scott. Laura you know. Check out the whole family talk about. Maybe if carl has some regret speaking up to twenty but if not that as we were talking i'm like i know this isn't a sitcom but i would love for there to be like a power rangers reunion wanna know what's up on unfortunately with mighty morphin there are also some cast members. That are no longer with us. namely tree near the ranger. But i think that. Like i wanna hear about what they're up to like do after that. Also i'm just curious general about berringer's like how do you prepare that that i don't know man also add their look is kind of a covert. Look you know it would translate pretty easily. They got helmets situations going on they could be in environments where the pandemic is not really a concern to them they fighting the pandemic.

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