Yvonne Van, Mayweather, Steve Collins discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani - The MMA Hour: Mayweather vs. McGregor special edition, Day 2


Yvonne van made or twelve rounds it never stopped i could not contain them i couldn't measure and he gave me no chance to sets because i was the guy with skill to flip and to be cooler lip and never give me a chance rushed me he just kept on rushing and that is the blueprint that could beat him it is some very unlikely that he would follow this blueprint because he would have been training in the way he's been training and you can actually change your plan a doesn't work their way of keeping treatment particular way you will follow what you can do it you have to be a nutcase you have to be a map ma'am and i would say this also pads it would not be farfetched to say this to you i could be likened to the mayweather in 1995 okay and you can liken steve collins while two mcgregor in 1995 while there was no way this guy had a chance of beating me he just didn't have the talent the ability to skill the punching power because of that goes like spirit he was able to do the impossible ireland rejoice for months is i mean for months it was really something is that still wound that you possess i bet you is that still a wound the call and yes as though there is now no them snow if you're at peace a peace with a triumph.

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