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When when Robert Francis is in a story. Do I have to say. Right. You don't have to if you don't. Big new words every time. So he was asked about the constitution. And it looks like he's not so sure the constitution should be around anymore. It just looks like us. There's your front runner, and I guess Kirsten gillibrand is going to run to or she started exploratory committee, which means we're gonna run. So you've got HOGAN Castro. That too. But I should record that. So you probably have beta who Robert who who of course, Oprah and Obama love and now maybe Kamala Harris, maybe Kirsten gillibrand Warren, Elizabeth Warren Akhazia Cortez would like to run. She's a relationship not old enough yet to be thirty five. Maybe Joe, by the way, I watched that stupid dancing video, and it was very reminiscent of the breakfast club polos right about that. Not a great dancer, but not bad. I guess I don't think she was trying to actually be effective dancer. What was that video about police videos? Four was just a hey come to Boston University. I think so I think it was it was some promotional thing for the school. Holy crap. Have you signed up for our university? You get the dance around with the cool kids. I mean, how does that work? I guess I could also have been maybe something regarding the there. Theater department or something. I don't know. She the future department actress, try harder honoring and pretending. Making faces. So that's true. That's true. Make a great Martin. So there you go. I watch I watched that video that few minutes back. I didn't watch the entire thing was making my stomach hurt or I just had a gas bubble could have been a gas bubble care. You get those a lot. As you're sitting there. That's probably what's going on. Don't get those you ever had that never been important meeting. No, no. I take it. You have never forget. I had the Chinese buffet that day. And what I'll go ahead. Go ahead. Meeting. It was a managers meeting at wwl AJ Lansing waiting to the meeting sat down and my stomach said. It happened. And of course. You had to allow this thing anybody heard in a while patted my stomach, and he said, well, it must be hungry, which obviously it wasn't just eight seventeen pounds Chinese food. Samuel have that happen. Same can't speak right now. Because this topic especially she probably knows what you're talking about. I definitely does. Because we have the same sort of stomach. Yeah. Because she's probably heard your stomach do it. So you kidding me? What do you believe that that probably that's for? Sure. That's that's literally. She started playtime. Eight eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Let me go to the phone lines are appreciating your patients going to be Bob in Texas. Hi, bob. How you doing tonight dream now, it's happening. Well, I was thinking that, you know, everybody wants people don't wanna wall, and we got the greatest military in the world instead of running around the world taking care of everybody else. Let's just put it there on our borders and protect ourselves. The only way we could do that. Because a lot of people have said that Bob because the military's job is not is not to do that. That's the national guards job. But for some reason and allowed to let them do it. If you make installations in basis along the border that would make sense to me because then you have people actually stationed there, but just to put them on the border like with guns drawn and tanks and ready to go. I think that's the job. It is our job is to protect the United States. And that I know because I spent twenty two years in the military. Okay. We'll tell me when you were stationed on the border protecting the border. I'll listen. Oh, I'm here in Texas Fort Bliss. Fort Hood is nowhere near the border. Okay. Let's let's be honest about our house a little more than that is about three hours of San Antonio that it's a probably another hour and a half two hours from there. Having said that I'm not gonna argue with you because you've got you've got great service. And I appreciate your service. But I'm just making the point you were in the military. Hold on. Hold on hold on. Yeah. Melissa I finish the idea of putting people on the border, and you said you were in the military for so long. My question wasn't rhetorical or facetious. How many times were you stationed on the border to protect it from people coming in the answer? I would think is none. But if I'm wrong, tell me. You're you're correct to point, but we do have bases along the border. And that's what I'm talking about. I think that your idea works if you put basis on the border, but you know, the military's job is to go and fight wars. And yesterday argument could be made that there's a war on the border that there's emergency on the border. The president has to declare these things or the congress has to declare these things I would much rather tell me what you think of this idea. Maybe maybe I'm all wet. But I would rather we take the national guard and put them near the border or on the border to bolster the border patrol and ice to actually guard the nation that's supposed to be the job. You can't take the national guard. They're supposed to guard the nation. But if you take a national guard and put him somewhere else that national guard is gonna complain because you're taking him out of his regular job. He's not make as much money as he was what did they think? No, no. I'm saying leave them. I'm saying leave them at their pay leave them at their job. And let them actually guard the nation by putting them near the border doesn't that make sense there called the national guard. Right. But not a lot of not gonna go 'cause they're not gonna wanna leave the area. They live in the go somewhere else to dad when you sign on what you sign up. That's. The military guests to say they want. I agree. I agree. Oh, bob. I'm here to tell you that that I don't disagree with you. In theory. I would either to be a declaration of war by congress before I want the US military to go and be on the border ready for a fight. You have to look at.

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