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You're in lexington. How's everything hanging it. It's beautiful it's awesome. Looks looks a little different. After they took down the the the rain the wrestling ring the barricades and everybody left. But it's a beautiful day. That was a heck of a scene there. Saturday drew you. Had you had football. You had wrestling. You had a group of people that don't normally come to the bar that were screaming shannon and telling him he was off what was apparently white. Decide oh yeah. I slept good sunday night. We put in a good fourteen hour. Ks bar shift starting with the game show which was surreal scene. And then come back from the football game and there'd be a what looked like wrestlemainia in the parking lot. It was a wild and fun day. Well it was a lot of fun and of course kentucky gets the victory and we're gonna talk about a lot of stuff to get to. I do want to start by saying the reason i met. My house is a one piece of news. That's a little bit of a bummer. Which is i actually tested positive for covert this weekend Not news. I want a report but something that did happen. If for those of you that listen to the pre and post game show you know. I ended up. I didn't. I started not feeling well kind of friday afternoon and so i didn't go on saturday and then ended up getting tested later. It's you know it stinks. But i actually have very minor symptoms. I feel better every day. Felt not great. Friday but then have slowly been better since but ryan you know. I saw the newspaper today. Like the chances of getting a breakthrough infection are like one in five thousand a day or something like that. So i guess i must just be one of the lucky ones as i. Sit here quarantined at my house. Will you know you're not talked every day on the phone and i keep telling you you sound nasal you sound like you have a head cold. You said that shave enlist lifts you going. Hey glad you're okay. Hope everything the first thing. We found nasal crop man. Which rush ryan you say that to me every day how about a little positive uplifting this what i was getting to you sound better today the with a guy who was going to say that before that i was you. Do you sound much better today than you had the last couple of days. Even on the pre-game show saturday morning. Sound better well. I appreciate it and you know the worst part drew is actually just being quarantined at my house. I'm not sure i've ever been so bored that this long weekend. Thank goodness there was football and all the time but you know you don't realize how much you want to leave your house 'til you literally can't leave your house like i mean you know i for the first time ever shannon got groceries delivered. I didn't even know that was the thing that people could do. Not know about that. I i mean i don't know i think i just missed that. Update in the world's do normally go grocery shopping yourself normally f groceries. How do they have. Do you eat out every mill. You have to judge me question. I mean that's one way that it. Yes but you know they delivered. Drew gripes which was like an hour. After i ordered all this food was here. I'm never walking in a grocery store again. Not that i had in a long time. But now i'm definitely not well. You just turned into the home chef over there. i was just bombed. Your timing was a little unfortunate with being the beginning of the football season but it sounds like you're you're doing well over there and there's there's no shortage of candles if you need to test yourself. I don't know where you are on that. That's the problem you see. My my symptoms have been a had a little bit of a cold. All of that's gotten better but the biggest symptom is. I lost my sense of smell. And like i have all these candles everywhere and like i just i love to light them and smell them and now i mean i might as well light them. It could be a candle. There's no way for me to now. You have the most sensitive nose of anybody. I've ever met so if you can't smell anything then you know you something wrong. If only you had a book or two you could read. I've read two books. I've already read shannon. I've gone through to chris. Jericho biographies still. Apparently there's no there were four no crazy. No more and i've read to already. I don't know if i'm going to keep going or not. But i've read read too so i'm doing when i can. I had a lot of people ryan say. Hey will cook for you. And that's that he thought i was in laxative. When i say i've been louisville so far no one the cooking has gone away so you know i'm still getting a lot of bring some chicken noodle soup if you like that you know some campbell's you just it right into the microwave. That's a little bit of cooking. But anyway so you know just the reason i wanted to bring that up is to say everybody stay vigilant. I mean even when you're vaccinated like me you can end up Getting what they call. I guess a breakthrough infection and so you need to be careful an. I hated missing saturday ryan. I mean saturday was such a great day. Football team played. Well you know obviously wrestling and the signing i really you know broke my heart not to be there but was ended up being the right choice but it was a great day. Let's start with the game. I mean i think the the story line for kentucky fans is one thing we threw the ball and it worked and we threw the ball and we looked like an offense that we haven't looked like in fifteen years twenty years. It was so exciting right. How excited were you watch it. It was it was fun just as a fan. You're right we haven't seen something like that in a long long time. And when you're when you're throwing downfield that like that i mean it. Just it just makes the game more exciting more entertaining and you've got three different. Receivers caught a pass a fifty yards or more. I mean this is what we've been waiting on something like this and on the other side. The defense was playing lights out. So if you were. Uk football fan. And you didn't get excited watching that game. Well then. Something's wrong with you because this team is for real you know in some of the statistics drew were unbelievable. I like you get two guys with over one hundred yards receiving. We haven't had that. And i think seven years. You get Chris rodriguez one hundred. Twenty five yards rushing. We hold a team under one hundred yards of offense for the first time in twenty five years to put all that together in one game. You don't wanna get overly excited but it's hard not to definitely and the offense wasn't perfect. There's still plenty to clean up. We saw his as pass. You know ali probably could caught it bad throw ends up being an interception but just showing that downfield through it and like you said having two guys to have one hundred yards receiving. It's the first time since matt roark and laura king. That's how long it's been since two receivers have had one hundred yards back in twenty eleven so just the fact that they were able to show so much. We've heard all summer and fall camp that it that it exists to actually see that downfield threat there and robinson's everything that he was hyped up to.

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