A highlight from Episode 552 | Google Audits, Partnerships, and Freemium with Mike Taber


Welcome back to startups for the rest of us this week. Mike taber joins me to update on the status. So we can hear about his decision making around whether to launch a freemium whether to do app sumo deal how his potential partnerships slash is panning out. And what would a. Mike taber episode. Be without a discussion about google. Audits for those who are newer to the show. Mike taber co host of this podcast with me for the first four hundred forty eight episodes and now he is known as the co host emeritus. He is doing a lot of work on his startup. blue tick at blue tick dot which is a sas app. That does personal outreach. Efforts gail for all your follow up emails. We've established in prior episodes. That blue take is not supporting mike full-time and it hasn't been growing for the past year. Or so as he has switched his focus to focus on this potential partnership slash business deals slash merger with another sass app that is further along so with dot with dive into my conversation with mike. Mike taber. thanks for joining me again. Hey how's it going pretty good man for astute listeners. It's only been two months since you were on the show. So five hundred forty three. And i still am getting tweets. An email about it was the airport falls episode and like two days ago so it was like i just caught up and i'm listening april fool's episode spiderman spiderman would've won and then he sent me a picture of graded secret wars eight. Which is the first black costume. I that was fun. Did you have fun record net. I i think after we stopped recording on that one you said i could gone for a lot longer and i was like dang it. I didn't know that because that. You're like wikipedia articles. I was going to quote. You really prepared band i did. And it's probably unfortunate for you. knew we're gonna talk about so i did prepare now. Like probably hustle. You a little on that one. Now it's all fair made for some good radio but the last time we heard an update from you was in february which is about three and a half months ago that was episode five thirty five and that episode. We ran through for the first time. You let folks know that you were evaluating a pretty deep integration slash partnerships slash potential merging of blue. Tick with this other sapin. I think the quote that. I took away from that was everything's on the table. You guys are exploring all types of strategic partnerships and such you also were evaluating potentially launching freemium with blue tick potential app. Sumo deal talked a little bit about google security audit and everyone's taking their shots right now and that was about it. Those are the things. I think we can circle back on. I must call out since. We're on video today that you have a dungeons and dragons fifth edition players handbook over your left shoulder and then you have the lanyard for every conference you have ever attended up on a bulletin board and it's funny because every single one of those landers is for microcosm those little ones that i kept so you probably can't see there's a whole stack of books over there and in the background. There's a small handful of miniatures and stuff like that. So i ran out of the best campaign so i naturally went out and bought. The giant mini figures. That are probably four to six inches tall and painted them and pulled them out on the table when they were not expecting to get into trouble in the did on a roll for initiative search for traps roll for initiative and the best part is if this episode gets boring. We're just going to do an actual play and you're just going to get meetings out. I have my dyson here. We can roll it so cool before before we dive into our which we're not we're not going to do.

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