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This after hours with lawrence congratulations to roffe on the doll who just won his eleventh french open championship and once again very emotional trophy ceremony for rafa doesn't surprise me it never does surprise me one it's an older athlete and i know he's got a lot of success at the french open but an older athlete who has gone through injuries who's missed significant time an athlete who's come face to face with his sports mortality or we're just talking about sports here but the fact that rafael nidal knows this is not always going to be the case every one of these french opens now represents a major labor of love i like what lebron said earlier in the nba playoffs where he compared his thirty three year old body to his eighteen year old body and the fact that when he was first in the league as a rookie he barely iced he didn't have to worry about stretching this was a guy who could just say up all night bounce back and play another game the next day excuse me but that's a younger athlete older athletes come face to face with the fact that their bodies don't recover as well the workout hurt more injuries take longer to heal and so the suffering both mental and physical you become much more aware of it and you get to the point where the victories are that much sweeter and so i love that we could see that humanness with rafa he was obviously interviewed afterwards when the price at a chance to get him off the court covering that red clay of course and alone with his trophy to ask him a few questions and i as i say i appreciate the fact that there were tears and i also appreciate the fact that this french open championship like the warriors and the fact that this title was the toughest to obtain this may have been the most difficult road to get to his eleventh crowd at roland garros personally for me is amazing and very emotional came back from this almost five months without playing a full tournament scenes shangai first event officially van was in while the davis cup but miters and then montecarlo lot of moms with problems so coming back and have the tends to win in monte carlo barcelona bromont now especially here is it's very emotional for me on this was a very special moment and received.

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