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Welcome back to the altitude of France. Fear cast on AM 9 70 the answer. Little Classic Rainbow with Jolin Turner there and I surrender, became the lead singer after Ronnie James deal left the band. And formed his own solo act. So good stuff Mental, in turn, are very underrated vocalist in the heavy metal circles. He was fantastic and in a bunch of different bands. And I think, didn't he bring? I'm pretty sure he briefly sang with in vain mounts Teen in the early eighties on in Vase Second album. I'm pretty sure Dylan Turner was Vocalist and then eventually invade started to sing. Which was to me at least a mistake. You should've stuck to the guitar. But anyway, what you going to do there? Listen coming up in 10 minutes we got John Henderson. He is the man behind the Atlantic City Bureau Music fest. He's going to join me on the program. The festival will happen this year. It's a Bater field on June 4th and fifth We talked about it last week on the program. Well, of course, they're changes for the event. The bands that were originally scheduled to be their last year. Not gonna be there this year, covert restrictions, all kinds of stuff we're gonna get into all of it with John. In just about 10 minutes from now, But let's dive into a lot of news going on all over the beer world. So Coronado Brewing has kicked off 2021 their release schedule with an Orange Avenue shandy. This is an ode to the company's original Orange Avenue wit. This shandy is anything but classic. It's a super juicy tart with a hint of sweet shandy. That is the perfect addition to an already stacked Coronado Brewing lineup. That's a 4.2% a BV. It's a wheat ale brewed with to Rome oat wheat and flaked oats for extra body juicy orange and honey. Support the beers, a juicy mouth field, just a hint of sweetness on the back end. It was already released back on January 8th at the company's three locations. They're planning a full market launched by the end of the month. Um, it'll be part of the company's core lineup.

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