Joe Bernstein, Buzzfeed, Reporter discussed on BuzzFeed News: Reporting To You - Friday, October 6, 2017


Taking care of themselves to really good question and actually we do have a him as a halt week that speaks exactly to this point which is just mental health reminder reminders you need right now right now being 2017 where things feel like they're pretty bad pretty much all the time um and so we got some experts to talk about this and i thought that one of the most helpful suggestions they gave was about knowing when to just close tabs and check out and needing a break from the news doesn't mean you're apathetic or that you don't care it means that you're taking care of yourself so some of those specifics that the experts gave were things like make certain places off limits to news so maybe when you're in bed you don't yeah look at the news maybe you only look at news during the workday or maybe a certain times are off limits so set your day up for yourself and then once your settled in then look at some news there are duly these kind of little behavioral tweaks you can do to make it feel like you're being less inundated all the time but you're still being informed so you hear that everybody you don't need all of the news all the time can you give us of a url for people to go to if they want to learn more absolutely it's buzzfeed dot com slash mental health week for these stories and more download the buzzfeed news at we've got a really big scoop this week reporter joe bernstein uncovered documents that show how milo yannopoulos and breitbart news fuel in our fueled by the all right.

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