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Absolutely and call me laugh coach labs steve coach whatever you need see that's that's a player's culture that you see that seattle players coach he won't say hey just call me lab okay coach laven coach i had a suggestion helped me out here what do you think about this that we changed the name of the nc double a tournament it shouldn't be march madness should be final four what do you think of us me and you tell me if you're all in on this to the sister jean invitational oh no doubt this year she's captivated not only college basketball fans imagination but the entire country all even take the worldwide certain that through the years the world cup see you know certain countries team that tap the imagination compelling stories but hers ranked right up there and the history of sports ninety eight years old i got the rosary beads going if loyal wins yes i wouldn't be surprised cope mikka calls that locker room doesn't invite loyal to the vatican might get visit to lighthouse as well about the way right now intellect her quick wit the authentic and kind of genuine connection that the team has with her and she's really elevated at this tournament kinda different level leaving about the landscape of college basketball right now coach steve laven joining us here on the rich eisen show i'm looking at the landscape of college basketball and with the whole one and done i haven't had the time or the opportunity to really get to know player so when i watched the i think the ncaa tournament the march madness and i think with a lot of fans out there is retrouve getting our first look at some of these players but yet when this final four is over whether it's villanova winning kansas michigan loyola chicago what will we remember most about this tournament.

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