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Uh-huh. Hello. And welcome to still buffering sisters guided teams through the ages. I am Riley Smirl. I'm Sydney Maccarone, and I'm Taylor smart. So did did you watch Saturday night? Live this past weekend. There's only one part of it. I cared about. I have this is why I was wondering. I still do. I don't I think that makes me does that make me old that I watched every weekend. Well, I watch it the following morning, I was gonna say the other people, I know that watch it or mom and dad, and they record it. And watch it on Sunday. Yep. That's exactly what I do. So. Yeah, that's, that's, that's a real Spall age divide there, because I don't watch Saturday night. 'cause you're saying that eleven thirty is too late for you. It is comes on at eleven thirty. I could start. I watch the first thirty minutes after midnight. I turned into a pumpkin. I'm done man. Emma Thompson was hosting she's great. Funny. I, I wondered though, because the musical guest, I was not aware head come back had returned from. The band grave. From, like our teenage year, teenage, your teenage your young adult years. Yeah. Family friend, the Jonas brothers, the Jonas brothers are back. How of him all three of them now they left out the fourth one. Yeah. Not bonus Jonas. Bonus Jonas still out there on his own. What's his name, Jonas? Jonas. Janice? Janice is still. Frankie Frankie is his name, Frei, Jonas. Yeah. Yeah. Visiting it. I don't think I could name an actual Jonas, brother. I just know that their last names of Jonas. Yes, you could. Sara Joey is a Joe Joe k. Two more. Brad, no one other. You should know. I don't blame me if you don't know the third everyone kind of forgets about the third. Yeah. Tony jonas. All right. There's. Eve, Nick, Jared s Nick. Okay. All right. I still he still did music. Most people have heard of Nick, and Joe Jonas, Kevin forgets about cat Kevin. I've never Kevin, okay. Well, because he was like a full adult whenever the journals brothers were at their peak. It's kinda like that one, brother and Hannah Montana that was playing eighteen year old was really like thirty five years old. The whole time Kevin was like in his thirties. When Nick aired Joe where like teenagers and twenty year olds my, my approximation of that was that was my take on Danny in the new kids on the block. I don't know if he was actually older or if he just had a vibe that seemed like not okay for me, not too old for me. Of course, I was like twelve so, yeah, they, they all were too old for you. I don't know. Joe back entire may have still been under eighteen actually starting. I had the same feeling about the Kevin in the backstreet boys. Yeah. 'cause I just like when you're designing your boy, supergroup is just like oh, there's a young like always, you know, the young pretty boy, then there's like the dad is that is that like a, an archetype? Dad. As a dad, and then there's talent. There's got to be a talent. It's gotta be a bad boy. Yeah. There's a bad boy. I guess Joe's the bad point. Knicks Joe's always a dream MIA'S, though. Oh, is he 'cause I don't really not Nick Jonas, dreamer than jo-john a snow, Nick. Injia were like all the teen girls, loved them. And Kevin was like getting married when they were still popular. Yeah. And then naked Joe continue to music after the brothers broke up individually and can out even know what Kevin was up to. He's also the only one that doesn't saying it was waiting for his brother's wanna get back together. Yeah. Maybe he called up, Frankie and was like started do.

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