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Yesterday's announcement ends eleven day strike to began in April eleventh in spokespeople for both the grocery store and the union say workers will go back to on the job today. Each of the unions must vote to ratify the contract, stop and shop employees are grateful for the support of customers who didn't cross the line. We're going to be glad going back to work in. But we need the customers to come back. You know, that's the only way we're going to survive. In a joint statement, the union say the agreement preserves healthcare and retirement benefits provided wage increases and intense time and a half pay on Sundays for current members. Dr police officers credited with saving a man from burning building the fire was reported on Saturday night at seventeen Johnson street. Dartmouth. Police detective Scott Brooks was one of the first responders to arrive on scene alert elderly man was still inside the home the -tective Brooks went into the home and located the man so yes, courting him outside the fire which was contained a one room was extinguished by fire depart fire department for children at the home out safely before urgency responders arrived. No injuries were reported Massachusetts. Congressman Seth Moulton is joining the long list of Democrats running for president. He's a marine combat veteran who was awarded LeBron's star for his service in Iraq. The forty year old Moulton it serving his third term presenting a district north of Boston. That includes Salem in the famous fishing town of Gloser. He's the nineteenth candidate now running for the democratic presidential nomination. And a twenty five year old man was arrested by New Bedford police last night after causing a motor vehicle accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Do Bedford police say at about ten fifty five pm officers responded to a motor vehicle accident at three fifty seven Nash rude. A further investigation indicated the operator of one of the vehicles involved the twenty five year old Cade Maciel of 2:12. Nash road have an operating under the influence of alcohol. Maciel was play. Under arrest in Charlotte. Liquor negligent operation of a motor vehicle. There are no injuries reported. WBZ news time is six oh five in sports. The sell the to the Eastern Conference semifinals with a win over the Pacers yesterday. The Bruins host the Maple Leafs. Tomorrow in game seven of the first round of the H L playoffs and the Red Sox game against the Detroit. Tigers tonight at.

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